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DJ's Mailbag: Areas To Improve After the Bye 

The Los Angeles Chargers practice on Monday, October 25, 2021 at Hoag Performance Center in Costa Mesa, CA.
The Los Angeles Chargers practice on Monday, October 25, 2021 at Hoag Performance Center in Costa Mesa, CA.

Each week during the season, Chargers radio analyst Daniel Jeremiah will answer mailbag questions. Below is the Week 8 installment:

What do you think the Chargers main goal is coming off of a bye? -@madamehydra13

"I think it's shoring up some things defensively. Being better against the run, this team doesn't need to be in the top five in run defense the way they play, but you don't want to be dead last. They've got to do a better job at eliminating some of those big runs."

What should the Chargers do to improve the running or move people around? -@machopicho760

"I think you gotta to account for just more familiarity within the scheme, so the longer you play I think these guys will get more comfortable with their run fits and that will help. I don't know too many teams that are out trying to get rid of big-time defensive lineman in this league. So, trying to go add more players up front I don't know that there's going to be an option there. I think it just comes down to guys being a little more physical at the point of attack and then guys getting more comfortable with the run fits at the second, third level."

How important is Asante Samuel Jr. not only for this current team, but for the future? -@vance.17

"It's huge, you get a play making corner. Those guys are hard to find, and he's got a chance to lock down that side for the next eight to ten years that's a big weight lifted off the personnel department."

With the bye week do you think Staley will have us come back with a vengeance? -@boss_man278

"I think the nice thing about the bye week you get a chance to self-scout. I think people point to the fact that you get an extra week to prepare for an opponent, but I think the real value is studying your own roster and your own tendencies and your own scheme. I think Brandon [Staley] is pretty sharp and I would imagine he's gonna have a chance to make some corrections and excited to see what it looks like coming out of the bye."

What's your favorite part about this new Chargers team? -@scorey54

"I think offensively it's just been fun to watch them just play so ultra-aggressive. I think people point to the first downs, but to me it's more than that. It's just attacking down the field vertically. It feels like every game there's a handful of shot plays so that's been fun to watch."

What does Tom Telesco like about Andre Roberts? -@yateselfert

"Well, I think you've got a veteran with experience and a good track record and somebody that you can trust, but then somebody that's got a little juice as well. It's a nice combination to have, it's been honestly an area that's underperformed on this team. So, making a change there and getting somebody that has a good track record, I think it's a smart move."

Chances of Chargers making a trade ahead of the deadline? -@hasanhazimm

"I still think NFL trades are hard to pull off just because when you look at the contracts and fitting everything in and teams are reluctant to part with picks. I guess you could maybe see something small, but I don't know that we see a big trade here with the Chargers. The team's in pretty good shape, they just need to stay healthy, and they'll be fine."

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