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Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month With Ayaka Otsuka


Introducing Ayaka Otsuka, our Strategic Solutions Senior Coordinator!

Did you always have a desire to work in sports?

Yes, I did! I played multiple sports growing up. Sports have always been the center of my life. I also wanted to expand my perspectives, so I decided to move to the U.S. and work in sports in this country.

How'd you get your start?

My career started with the LA Sparks when I was in college, where I was able to learn about corporate partnerships, from sales to activations. After graduation, I started working at the Chargers as a seasonal assistant for the Corporate Partnerships department.

What is the most rewarding part of your job and why?

Not an exact part of my job but I enjoy the whole process of creating partnership solutions with internal and external teams. I can feel a little achievement and growth every time I get a project completed with coworkers.

What advice do you have for those trying to get into sports/starting their career in the sports industry?

Be bold to go with your gut! Once you find out what you would like to pursue, enjoy every step and experience to get to your goal. There are always people who support you along the way.

How has your heritage shaped the person you are today?

Born and raised in Japan, I was taught that being humble is an important aspect as a human being. You should appreciate the people that surround you and be respectful and considerate towards others. This value helps me keep growing.

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, what are some aspects of your culture that you enjoy sharing with others?

Japanese food and anime culture. Food and pop culture can be a tool to share good times and experiences with people who have different backgrounds and cultures. I think that is a great thing!

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