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Why Patrick Peterson Says Keenan Allen "Has All the Tools"

Only four players have ever made five Pro Bowls before their 26th birthday.  The list includes Hall of Famers Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith, as well as the Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson.

The three-time All-Pro cornerback is a respected voice in the NFL, with whatever he has to say carrying significant weight throughout the league.  After two straight practices with the Chargers, he had a lot to say about the Bolts.

Most specifically, he had a lot to say about Keenan Allen.

A highlight of the joint sessions, it was a much watch event each time the two young stars faced off against one another.  While the Cardinals boasted the number one offense in the league a year ago, Peterson said the competition going against Allen was quite different than what he faces during a normal practice against his teammates.

"It was a pleasure going up against Keenan," he said.  "It's always fun going up against a different opponent in practice because you get a different mindset from the receiver.  And with Keenan, oh man, his game is *nice. * He is very, very patient at the line of scrimmage and does a lot of good things.  He has a really good release off a DB press, runs great routes, has good hands and has a big body.  He has all the tools to be great for sure."

As to be expected, Allen and Peterson each won their fair share of the battles on the field.  Echoing the cornerback, KA13 explained he learned a lot about himself going up against one of the best in the league.

"That's about as hard as it gets.  He is a great talent and a great athlete.  He has great technique and Pro Bowl talent.  I learned a lot about adjusting against different techniques and picking up different coverages.  There's a reason he's one of the best."

Allen isn't the only Charger Peterson enjoyed squaring off against over the past two days. A true competitor, he relished matching wits with number 17.

"Philip Rivers is the man!" he said, shaking his head.  "That dude really is.  He does a great job on the hard count and third downs.  I don't think people realize his hard count.  He looks off the safety great.  He is the man, and has been doing it for a long time at a very high level.  I don't think he gets the respect he deserves.  He is a tier one quarterback in this league for sure."

Even though they didn't face off against each other, Peterson is also a fan of Jason Verrett.  In fact, he refused to leave the field after practice until he caught up with the Chargers Pro Bowl cornerback.

"Jason has a great game, too.  I respect his game a lot. He is very, very feisty and plays the type of game I like to play, which is in the receivers face.  You can tell that he wants to be the best.  He has that drive, and that is what I love to see out of young players.  I definitely respect his game, and I'm a big fan."

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