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What the Titans are Saying about the Bolts

Notable comments from the Tennessee Titans in the lead up to the Week 9 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Ken Whisenhunt….

*"He knows (our) strengths and weaknesses, and that's an advantage that he gets. Yeah, there's no question about it." – *HC Mike Mularkey

* Coach Whiz is a great coach.  He really believed in me coming out of college and I owe a lot to that guy.  I think he's a great offensive mind.  Everywhere he's been, the offense has done well.  I have a lot of respect for him as a coach and I really appreciate everything he's done for me.  He allowed me to dive into the playbook.  Once I got here, he (gave) me reps right away.  In terms of just talking football, he's so knowledgeable about that stuff that really anything he talked to me about was good advice and things that I'm still (incorporating) in my game today." – *QB Marcus Mariota

On Antonio Gates….

"He's very crafty. They're using him the right way. They're using him on third down. They're using him in the red zone. He finds ways to get open. It doesn't look like he's lost a beat, but he's not playing the number of reps that he used to play, so he's a guy that can come off the bench and wreck your game just in the red-zone scenario. He's phenomenal still to this day" – HC Mike Mularkey

* "He is a great player. I would like to guess how many balls that quarterback has thrown to that tight end, count practice and games... I don't know if the number system goes high enough but they (Rivers and Gates) know each other and trust each other. He has always been a very special receiver and he is so big he can position linebackers and DBs and they are all the same to him. He has that great basketball timing and I've always respected him and Rivers in the red zone. They are a real challenge." – *DC Dick LeBeau

On Joey Bosa….

* We've had a lot of good battles. It's been fun to play against him in college and it's fun to keep it going now. He gets after the ball and gets after the quarterback real well. He's going to be a good test" – *OT Jack Conklin

*"I think he's done a great job since he stepped in.  He started a little later in the year but for him to be able to make some plays and create some havoc says a lot about the type of player he is and his capabilities." – *QB Marcus Mariota

*"He's pretty potent. The thing about him is you can tell each game he's just gotten a lot more confidence — body language, where he's lining up, how he's lining up, the way he's playing. He's playing very well….He'll line up—we call him the spinner—he'll walk around, he's played outside linebacker in a game for them because of injuries. He's played in a couple different positions, so he's versatile. He can do it all" – *HC Mike Mularkey

On Philip Rivers….

*"He consistently moves his team (up the field) and scores points and they are right up near the top in both categories and he does that every year, it doesn't seem to matter who is around him, he is just a great player." – *DC Dick LeBeau

*"I think he's been playing very well, very well.  I think looking back to when Whiz was there before, he's right back in the saddle and playing well for those guys.  He's playing seven of their eight games being one score or less, he's playing as a tough guy to get a lead on.  He's very similar to our guy.  It'll be down to the wire (because) he always gives them a chance, just like our guy.""– *HC Mike Mularkey

*"When I was coming out of college, (he) really helped me in terms of my footwork.  He spent some time with me going through drops, being under center, talking ball (and) coverages and certain things that he was seeing and things he had to go through when he was transitioning into the NFL.  I was very privileged to have that opportunity and I look forward to the opportunity to play (against) him this Sunday." – *QB Marcus Mariota

On Melvin Gordon….

*"He is up there in running and pass receiving and he is one of the top guys in the league in total yards from scrimmage so he is getting the ball a lot and is a good player." – *DC Dick LeBeau

On Dexter McCluster….

*"We've all seen that he can go the distance if we don't rally and get a group of guys around him. So yeah, a little bit of a concern, obviously. I think he's a good player still. I love Dexter to death, except for Sunday." – *HC Mike Mularkey

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