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What the Chargers are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Here is a sampling of what some of your favorite Chargers had to say they are thankful for this year:

Casey Hayward: "I'm thankful for all my teammates.  I feel we are all going to get together and right the ship! I'm thankful for my family and friends.  They've all been there for me the last couple years. I'm happy to be here, and to have my family and friends."

Joey Bosa: "I'm thankful for the opportunity to play at this level.  And of course, my family, my friends and all our fans."

Melvin Gordon: "I've got some great people around me, so I'm thankful for my family and friends.  I'm thankful for their support, and also the opportunity to be a San Diego Charger."

Jason Verrett: "I'm thankful for my family and for my teammates.  I'm thankful to be able to be in the league, and for all of my life."

Corey Liuget: "I'm thankful for life, health, strength and my three amazing kids.  May God continue to bless me!"

Philip Rivers: *"We have so much to be thankful for.  My family is out (here) so we're all going to be together which is a rare Thanksgiving (for us) to be together." *

Jatavis Brown: "This year I'm thankful for my family, and having them.  Also getting to do what I love to do, which is play football.  And always, I'm thankful for the fans.  Without them I couldn't do what I do."

D.J. Fluker: "I'm grateful for my family and for this team.  I'm thankful to be blessed with where I'm at today, and I'm very thankful for the people who've helped me get here."

Drew Kaser: "I'm thankful for a lot of things.  I'm thankful to wake up every morning and live out the dream that I am. I'm thankful for my family, friends, loved ones and close ones. I'm thankful for my teammates, too.  We have such a family on the team, and everyone is so close together. I'm just thankful for everything that we do for each other, and this opportunity."

Derek Watt: "I'm thankful for this opportunity to be here in San Diego.  It's really been awesome. I'm thankful for my family, who have supported me from a distance.  Just being able to keep in touch with them and have them behind me 100%.  And also, I'm thankful for my girlfriend and having her out here with me supporting me."

Jahleel Addae: "I'm thankful for life, for opportunity, for my job, for my family, for my loved ones and for the fans!"

Tyrell Williams: "I'm grateful for a lot.  I get to have my family close by, so I'll be able to see them.  I'm thankful for the fans and to be a Charger."

Darrell Stuckey: "I'm thankful for family!  I'm thankful for the opportunity to play the game I love, and share it with my son, daughter and wife.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to have a positive influence on others."

Hunter Henry: "I'm thankful to just be here.  To be in the NFL is a special opportunity, and I am grateful for it.  And of course, I'm thankful for family and friends."

Dexter McCoil: "I'm thankful for life! I'm thankful to have air in my lungs.  I'm thankful for my job and getting to live my dream.  I'm thankful for everything, and life in general."

Dwight Lowery: "I'm thankful for my family and for being alive.  I'm thankful for opportunity and making the most of life."

Kenny Wiggins: "I am very thankful for my family, and very thankful to have this job."

Trevor Williams: "I'm thankful for the opportunity to live my dream and play in the NFL.  I'm thankful to be a positive role model in the community, and be able to give back like we did at the blood drive."

Jerry Attaochu: "First of all, I'm thankful just for life.  I'm thankful for good health, my teammates, my family and my coaches."

Josh Lambo: "I'm thankful for my family, including my little nephew."

Dontrelle Inman: "This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my family and for the position God has put me in to help others.  I'm just thankful to be alive and wake up each day."

Dom Williams: "Just to be alive!  It's a blessing to be in the San Diego organization. Every day I can go out there and play ball, I'm thankful for being alive and seeing another day."

Adrian McDonald: "There's a lot!  I've got to be thankful for life and for the opportunity.  There are so many blessings.  I'm blessed for this job and the gift.  I'm blessed with family, health, shelter and so much more."

Sean McGrath: "I'm thankful for family and friends.  Also for football and to play for the Chargers.  I'm thankful for our fans, and for being in San Diego."

Tenny Palepoi: "My family!  I'm thankful for my wife and kids.  Family. Family. Family!"

Geremy Davis: "I'm thankful for my salvation and my family.  I'm also thankful to be with the Chargers and for these fans."

King Dunlap: "I'm thankful for family, friends and having healthy kids.  Also to be healthy and play the game that I love."

Damion Square: "I'm thankful that I get to go home the day after Thanksgiving to Houston.  I get to go home and have leftovers!  That's a great coincidence I get to be with my family the day after Thanksgiving, so I'm happy to have all of us together."

Isaiah Burse: "I'm thankful to be able to play for the Chargers.  I'm thankful to be in this position I'm in."

Kellen Clemens: "I'm thankful for my family, my health and religious freedom."

Tourek Williams: "I have a lot to be thankful for.  My mom, my family, my girlfriend.  My whole support system.  My life and my health, and of course my job."

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