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What are the Redskins Saying About the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Washington Redskins in the lead up to the Week 14 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers:

On Keenan Allen…

"He's one of the best route-runners in football.  Has excellent hands. Everything he does has some deception to it. For a guy who may not run a 4.25 40, he is very fast.  He plays fast, and all his routes look the same but they're different. He and Philip have a great rapport, and you can see that." – Head Coach Jay Gruden

"He's definitely pretty good.  He's a guy where once he gets the ball in his hands, he can be explosive.  The yards after catch, he's really good at." – CB Kendall Fuller

On Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram…

"They're two of the best in the league on one team.  They're very diverse. They line up all over the place. (Ingram) walks around and you never know where he's coming from. (Bosa) is a stud. He's continuing to grow into a household name and an elite pass-rusher. They're two of the top we've faced so far this season." – OT Trent Williams

"Both are great players, high draft picks who were expected to do what they're doing. They're athletic, they compete, have good motors, great get-off, they're the players that the organization planned for them to be when they picked them, and when have two of them, it can certainly lead to a lot good things for your team, and they have two." – QB Kirk Cousins

On Philip Rivers…

"I was with Philip for a number of years…just the knowledge of the game (is impressive).  He knows where he has to go with the ball.  Just reading coverages, knowing who to spot and going after it.  Knowing where he wants to put the ball.  He's very effective getting it out of his hands, and from a pressure standpoint, he knows where the pressures are coming.  Over that long period of time he's been playing, he understands that and does a good job at it." – Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

"It would be hard to say what I respect (most) because there is so much. It would be a long list. I respect first of all, his longevity.  He's like the Terminator; he just says, 'I'll be back,' no matter what happens.  Injuries.  Adversity around him.  Coaching changes.  Roster changes.  He just keeps coming back, and his production has never really wavered.  Stays healthy.  He's tough, obviously.  He competes no matter what.  Quick release.  Accurate.  Strong arm.  Great feet in the pocket.  He can elevate the play of the guys around him.  Very intelligent.  Calls a lot of the game at the line of scrimmage itself.  Handles protections well.  I mean, I can go on and on with what he does.  I think a lot of the traits that he possesses (are) what I'm trying to develop in myself.  What I would like to think as time goes, (is that) I can become that type of player.  He along with a lot of the other quarterbacks from his era and generation coming into the league in 2003-05, those are the kind of guys that the rest of us are trying to learn from, chase after and bring our games to their level." – QB Kirk Cousins

"He has a lot of weapons.  He's smart; kind of always knows what the defense is in and always know what they're trying to do and getting the ball to his playmakers." – CB Kendall Fuller

On Effectiveness of Chargers' Passing Game…

"There are different ways to attack, depending on the personnel you have. When you have a guy like Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen and Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry and Tyrell Williams, he does a great job with the quick passing game, and a lot of those are extensions of the runs, you get the ball out quick, you're getting yourself in second and medium, and then you can utilize Melvin Gordon on certain type of runs." – Head Coach Jay Gruden

On Casey Hayward…

"He's been a great acquisition for the Chargers since he came over last season.  He's had a very productive year this year, and he's continued to be the great CB he's been for several seasons, he's a smart player, has played a lot of football, it's going to be be hard to fool him, trick him, with what his eyes have to see, he's one of the better CBs in NFL and we'll have a big challenge this week going against him." – QB Kirk Cousins

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