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What are the Eagles Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Philadelphia Eagles in the lead up to the Week 4 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

On Chargers' Record….

"This is a good football team, and what I've seen on film proves that.  They've been in basically every game. They were within seven points last week with the Chiefs until that two-minute run.  These guys on both sides of the ball are very talented.  That's what you see on film." – Head Coach Doug Pederson

*"Their record doesn't mean anything.  You watch that film you see players who work hard and get to the ball. Very intelligent defensive players.  You've got to respect that (when you) watch the film." – G Chance Warmack *

On Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa….

"Our work is cut out with Ingram and Bosa.  It's just a good defensive front. They are relentless to the ball.  Those are things that show up on film.  You can't hide those things…" – Head Coach Doug Pederson

"With Joey and Melvin, the two defensive ends, it's just something you have to be cognizant of.  You have to always know where they're at.  At times maybe help with chip protection and keep the back in;n different things.  But at the same time, when you have guys like Lane Johnson and Jason Peters at tackle, you've got to just sometimes let them play.  We have a lot of confidence in those guys to get their jobs done.  But again, a lot of respect to those two defensive ends. Just two guys you've got to always be aware of where they're at." – QB Carson Wentz

"They're great.  Really explosive.  They play really low pad level. They've got a good front four.  Their backups are good." – G Chance Warmack

On Philip Rivers….

"The one thing with Philip Rivers (is), when I was with Kansas City I was playing the Chargers twice a year (and found out) Philip always bounces back.  He might have a tough week.  But the next week, you better watch out.  He can definitely light it up.  That's just the type of player he is.  He's a tremendous leader.  He gets the most out of his players and makes everybody around him better.  That's obviously what I expect from him this weekend." – Head Coach Doug Pederson

* "In my mind, Philip is an elite quarterback in this league.  He's proven it over a lot of seasons.  He can do it all. Make all throw throws.  Great leader.  Mentally and physically as tough as they come. He's just an excellent player in every way." – Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich*

On Defense Overall….

"We play some really good defenses this year, and this defense is among that category.  Their two edge pass rushers as a duo may be as good as we face all year. They are really good. The scheme that they play is obviously proven in this league to be a successful scheme.  Really designed to be a good run-stopping defense, but also has the elements in it of zone coverage.  They have a particular, unique take on zone coverage and how they play it, so you have to attack it slightly differently.  It will be a good challenge for us." – Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich

"They have two of the best pass rushers in the league in Bosa and Ingram.  They are a really good defense.  They have some downhill hitting safeties.  We just have to make sure we go in there aggressive." – RB LeGarrette Blount

"You can tell they're coached well.  They fly around.  They don't mix it up a ton.  They don't do a whole lot.  But what they do, they do well. They play fast.  They kind of limit your playbook with the defenses that they do run." – QB Carson Wentz

"They have a good defense. Facing those guys day in and day out, they have a really good defense. You start with their two ends, (Joey) Bosa to Melvin (Ingram), those two guys are extremely active on the edge.  You have Corey (Liuget) and Brandon (Mebane) on the inside.  Jatavis (Brown) at 'backer.  Jahleel (Addae) is a hitter.  Man, Tre (Boston); they've got some players back there.  They're going to bring it." – RB Kenjon Barner

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