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What are the Broncos Saying About the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Denver Broncos in the lead up to the Week 1 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

On Chargers' Offense….

"This is probably the most talented Chargers team that I've played against…They revamped the offensive line, two great running backs, the [Chargers] tight end [Hunter] Henry has come along and [Chargers TE] Antonio Gates has always been good. You also have a healthy [Chargers WR] Keenan Allen back. It just seems like on film a new Chargers team. I guess the move from San Diego to L.A. really helped out, but they definitely look a whole lot better then what they've looked like in the past." – OLB Von Miller

"They've always been a pretty good team. They're healthy now and they've got all of their guys and all of their guns are on deck. They have Philip Rivers as their quarterback, so you have a future Hall of Fame quarterback you're probably going to be pretty good on offense." – CB Aqib Talib

On Philip Rivers….

"He's special. He makes every player around him better. He's a great face of a franchise and the Chargers are very fortunate to have a player like that. Anybody that has a Hall of Fame quarterback that does so much—everyone wants to read about this vehicle he's purchased, well that's Philip… (He'd get in at) at 5 o'clock every morning. That's nothing new to him. He prepares like no other, and he's an even better human being. He's a great person and he's a great leader of an organization. He's a Hall of Fame player and he's a special person." – Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy

"When you're facing Philip, it's like facing [Patriots QB] Tom [Brady] and [former Broncos QB] Peyton [Manning] and all the great quarterbacks. I have great respect for Philip. It's going to be a challenge for us to beat Philip." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

* "His smarts and his wits as a quarterback are almost unmatched. He could pick us a part if you give him the chance, so we have to try and get pressure back there and keep the coverage tight in the back end." – OLB Shaquil Barrett*

"I saw this guy on NFL Network say Philip is going to be MVP this year, so I heard good things about him. I see guys predicting their schedule pretty well, so we'll see. They're a good team to us and we always had good games against those guys." – CB Aqib Talib

On Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa….

"I don't think Melvin Ingram gets enough talk. It's all Joey Bosa, all Joey Bosa, all Joey Bosa—which is rightfully so, but Melvin Ingram is big time as well and he's an elite pass rusher as well. So is [Chargers DT] Corey Liuget—they have a stout front. It's probably the best front that they've had in a long time. Like I said before, Joey Bosa, he was great last year and this year he's looking unstoppable. I think in the preseason, what was he playing the Rams? They had a strip-sack and Melvin Ingram takes it up and goes like 95 yards. That's scary. You have to watch on offense, they're doing that in the preseason so you already know what's going to happen in the regular season. They're both great. Joey Bosa's great and Melvin's great. I think they're a great tandem in the National Football League together." – OLB Von Miller

"A big (challenge for us). Obviously, having two speed rushers is always an issue because you can't help both tackles all the time.  You can help one, but you can't help two. In our division alone, every team has two. Obviously, acquiring tackles for us was important. But, we have to block speed rushers six times this year. Two on each team, so that's six times this year. That's critical for us." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

"You have to pay attention to the two edge guys that they have. I mean they line up, they know exactly what they're doing, they're obviously very well coached and they play fast." – QB Trevor Siemian

On the Antonio Gates-Hunter Henry Combo….

"You don't know if they're going to run it or if they're going to pass it. They can run a ball real good out of 12 and they can split those two guys out. You can do a lot of things with those two guys." – CB Aqib Talib

"That's the NFL. Week in and week out, there are no breaks, whether it's the tight ends or the receivers. We feel like we have safeties that are capable of covering both of those guys. We're aware of what Gates brings to the table. The same thing with Henry. We are going to have our hands full but I feel like we can get the job done." – Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods

On Russell Okung….

"He's been great and he looks a whole lot healthier then what he was. When he was here, he was battling injuries and he still did a great job for us. He looks healthy on film and he looks like the early Russell Okung that was at the Seattle Seahawks, that had a lot of great plays and a lot of great years with the Seattle Seahawks. He's looking great. He was only here for a year it's not like—we played him when he was hurt so it's not like you get a whole lot of [experience] on the guy. He's a great tackle, I knew he was going to land on his feet somewhere and he happened to go to the L.A. Chargers. He's going to be a great challenge going against on Monday night."– OLB Von Miller

On Anthony Lynn….

"He's a good friend of mine. I was in camp here I think 1997. He was on the roster here. We were neighbors in Aurora in Piney Creek. We go back a long way. It's ironic that we're both head coaches and opening in Week 1 together. It should be fun. I'm excited about it." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

On Keenan Allen….

"He's great on the line. He's a big body and he's a big target for Philip. He's a super competitor. Any time you at the level that he competes, you're going to be a pretty good player." – CB Aqib Talib

On Younghoe Koo…

"From what we've seen, he had a good preseason. He didn't have a lot of shots on the field goal, but really good kickoff, directional guy. Has a great story. It's inspiring. You love to see those success stories. He came from South Korea and if you hear the kid's interview, he is a great American success story now. I love to see that stuff." – ST Coordinator Brock Olivo

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