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Transcript - Head Coach Anthony Lynn (Oct. 8, 2018)

Monday, October 8, 2018 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


On P Donnie Jones:

"I thought he did well. He held fine, like he did all week. I have a lot of confidence in him and thought he punted well."

On G Forrest Lamp being active on Sunday:

"It was good for him. Whenever we activate anyone, they are there to play. So, it was good for him to go through the pregame routine, be in the locker room with the guys, and remember how that felt. I'm sure at some point, he will work his way in [to a game]."

On the increased usage of CB Michael Davis this past Sunday:

"We had a plan to put Michael in the game [last week]. Michael's been playing well and has been making plays on special teams. Michael's become bigger and more physical — he deserved some playing time."

On Michael Davis' performance:

"I thought he held his own, he did fine. He's a long [defensive back] — 6'3" and can run. Like I said, he's playing more physical and has been in this system for two years. I think Michael's going to be a good player for a long time."

On the comfort of using RB Austin Ekeler to close out the game:

"I feel comfortable. Austin can run between the tackles and is a strong, young man. He was in a situation like that last year and fumbled [the ball]. I always want to put guys back in those situations to hopefully learn from what they did [before]. I thought he handled it well. He would have scored a touchdown [run], but tripped at the end. He handled it well and took care of the football. He secured it, and I have no problem putting him in the game."

On the importance of having depth in the running back position to close out games:

"It's important to have a guy like that. We have one of the best guys in the league in [RB] Melvin [Gordon III], but we were giving him a [breather] yesterday. He had a lot of touches and Austin [Ekeler], at that time, did not have a lot of touches. So, we thought to put it on Austin's shoulders."

On RB Melvin Gordon III growing into the lead running back role:

"Melvin's done it so many times — I watched him do it at Wisconsin. He's done it for us here last year. I have no problem with Melvin [in that role] in the game."

On whether Gordon should be considered an elite running back:

"I think you can say he's moving in that direction because of his overall development, [especially] if you look at what he's doing in the passing game with his hands as a receiver. He's become a versatile threat."

On Gordon's performance with yards-after-the-catch:

"I think he's No. 1, in total, on our team right now. His versatility shows up in games and opponents have to defend that with linebackers and safeties. Those are advantageous matchups for us."

On whether Gordon and Ekeler will be on the field at the same time:

"We've been doing it quite a bit already. We like the matchups we have on the field with those two."

On whether DE Melvin Ingram III will be used on offense in the future:

"Well, I thought he got in [the end zone]. He only had one opportunity — and that was it."

On LB Uchenna Nwosu:

"He plays a lot in certain sub-packages. He went in when [LB Jatavis] JB [Brown] came out for a little while, but we're going to get him a bit more caught up on base [defense] so we can get him on the field a little bit more. It didn't have anything to do with performance. It was just the packages we had."

On K Caleb Sturgis:

"I don't think he hit it very well [on the missed extra point]. The hold didn't look bad, [P Donnie Jones] turned the ball a little bit there at the end, but that's the frustrating part [in missing extra points] as those are gimmies. I expect him to make those."

On his confidence in Sturgis:

"I have a lot of confidence with him coming into this week. With how he kicked in practices. his whole attitude, and his psyche — I still believe in the young man. But, he can't keep missing extra points - I can tell you that."

On the performance of T Sam Tevi and T Trent Scott:

"They played well, overall. With Sam Tevi playing over on the right side and moving to the left, just showed his versatility when things go down. He can go as a swing-tackle for us. I thought Trent Scott did a heck of a job yesterday. It wasn't perfect, but I thought he played well."

On whether it will take a few weeks to properly evaluate the kicking process:

"Oh, absolutely. You have to let those guys work together, along with the snapper."

On the decision to use NT Damion Square as defensive end against the Oakland Raiders:

"Any time you play a team like the Raiders, with big linemen and a power run game, Square gives you a little bit more at the big end position right now. [DE] Isaac [Rochell] came in and did an outstanding job. He probably had his best game as far as pass rush against the run, yesterday."

On the usage of DE Isaac Rochell:

"He plays that big end position, so he's going to be more on an inside technique. That's what he plays as a stronger big end. Sometimes, he's in a five [technique] and sometimes he's in an inside technique, but it's the same position."

On the performance of DT Corey Liuget:

"We had eight defensive linemen with an eight-man rotation going, which was good to see again, but Corey is a little rusty. I think he's going to get better each week, but you don't come back from four weeks off and just pick up from where you left off. He will get back to where he was."

On the status of T Joe Barksdale and T Russell Okung:

"Both of those guys will get on the field this week. They'll be limited — but will probably be game-time decisions."

On the confidence of the defense:

"They should have a lot of confidence. Our defense has been getting better, but what they did yesterday was dominate on third down. In the first half, that team [Oakland Raiders] had zero conversions. In the second half, they had four. They [defensive unit] did a hell of a job on third down yesterday."

On the chemistry and comfort of the defense without DE Joey Bosa on the field:

"You can say that [they are getting comfortable] because we're doing some things a bit differently. We're playing different coverages and bringing different people as far as getting pressure on the quarterback. I think they are getting more comfortable with some of the different schemes that we're doing."

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