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Saturday, April 27, 2019 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


On his role with the Chargers:

"It's happened really quickly. I still haven't had many conversations that way, but I'm just really thankful for the opportunity. It's a great organization and situation, so I'm really thankful."

On if he had a pre-draft visit with the team:

"Yes, I did. It was great. I got a chance to sit around and talk football with [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Ken] Whisenhunt and [Quarterbacks] Coach [Shane] Steichen, meet different people inside the building and walk around the facility. I really loved my time out there. I'm really looking forward to getting back out there."

On other interactions with the Chargers through the pre-draft process:

"That was really it. There was some informal stuff here and there throughout the process, but mostly just that visit."

On being in the same quarterback room as QB Philip Rivers:

"It's pretty unbelievable. I mean, he's one of the best to ever do it. To get an opportunity to be around him every day and learn, I can't imagine a much better situation or person to be around. I'm really thankful and looking forward to learning."

On if he had discussions with former LB Kyle Emanuel:

"A little bit. I actually got to see Kyle when I was in town on my visit out there. I just got a chance to learn a little more about the organization from him. He speaks really highly of everybody involved. He loved his time out there and I'm looking forward to getting out there."

On if he had discussions with Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley:

"I did, I got a chance to talk with Gus a little bit and meet him. He's obviously a really well-respected coach at that level, but also coming from North Dakota State as well. It was cool to get a chance to meet him and talk to him a little bit. He has great spirit and great energy, so I'm looking forward to being around him."

On if he thought the Chargers would select him:

"You know what? I wasn't sure. I tried to come into this thing without much expectations, but I knew that I really enjoyed my time out on my visit and getting to know those coaches. I thought we had a really good visit and great conversations, but this has been such a crazy process that you just never really know."

On being a Los Angeles Charger:

"It's pretty unbelievable. I don't even know if it's truly soaked in all the way. I just know it's a great organization and a great situation. I'm really thankful for the opportunity."

On Eagles QB Carson Wentz helping him through the process:

"He's been a great resource for me for a long time. I've leaned on him when I've had questions. He's been a really good friend and a really good mentor. It was nice having Carson kind of help me out throughout this whole process."

On if Wentz's success has been a foundation for him to succeed at the next level:

"I think it definitely helps. Obviously, he kind of put us on the map, so to speak, and brought some more attention to our program, which was great. He's had a lot of success. I think people just recognize that there is good football being played in Fargo [N.D.] and that we come from a great program. I think we're both really thankful to be part of that. Carson has done a really good job of being a great ambassador of our university."

On his skillset:

"I think, coming from our system, we did a little bit of everything in college. Whether it was under center, in the gun, play-action pass, being able to work various concepts and make all the throws within the pocket — also, I have the ability to run around and make plays outside of structure, try to be a good athlete and make different plays. I feel like I can do a little bit of everything. Really, I'm just excited to be in that quarterback room and get an opportunity to learn."

On his running ability:

"I think it's part of my game. How much or how you do it [at the NFL level], I'm not sure. I definitely think it's part of my game. The ability to extend plays, try to pick up first downs when you have to and things like that are part of my skillset. I think that will transition."

On Chargers Second-Round Selection S Nasir Adderely:

"He was fun to watch on tape, but a little scary to watch on tape leading up to the game just because of how many plays he made. His ball skills are pretty unbelievable. We had a battle in the FargoDome and that guy was all over the field breaking up passes and making tackles in the open field. He's an unbelievable player and I'm really looking forward to the chance to be his teammate."

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