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Top Five Things We Learned from Anthony Lynn's Introductory Press Conference

The LA Chargers introduced new head coach Anthony Lynn at an exclusive presser at the StubHub Center.

Anthony Lynn was officially introduced as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers on Tuesday at the StubHub Center, where the Bolts will play in 2017-18.

Here are the top five takeaways from the press conference:

  1. Passion Personified –It's no secret that Lynn's passion is a main reason why the Chargers named him the 16th head coach in franchise history. For 17 years, he climbed the ranks through the NFL thanks to his magnanimous demeanor and ability to motivate. Players rave about his passion, and true to form, Lynn's authentic enthusiasm was on full display from the moment he stepped to the podium at the StubHub Center.  Whether he was discussing players on his roster or to the prospect of representing Los Angeles, Lynn made it clear he is here for one reason only – to win! Lynn's passion and confidence were most on display when he was asked how he plans to win over the LA market:

"That is the easiest question I have had so far, we are going to win. That is how you sell. That is the best way to sell. I feel very confident in the staff we are putting together, our leadership and the players that we have. There is no reason we shouldn't win right now. We have the pieces to get that done. But when you win and the style of ball that you play, they will come…. I look at the roster that we have and (I'm) excited because I know that we have a chance to win and win right now. We don't care where we play. We will play out here on the asphalt, we don't care. We just want to play football."

  1. Bring On the Bright Lights– Not only will Lynn have to adjust to joining a new franchise, but he's also responsible for establishing the Chargers in Los Angeles. If you think he is daunted by that task, you don't know Anthony Lynn.   The new head coach believes the inherent adversity that comes with relocating will bring the Bolts closer together.  It's a challenge he looks forward to conquering head on:

"I know it is not going to be easy, coming in (with) the transition, the whole nine (yards). But, I really think we can turn this adversity into something positive and that our players will become closer. Our staff will become closer as an organization with this whole move and transition. Guys are so excited to come and play on this stage right here that we have in Los Angeles, so I am really excited about that…. When you look at this team last year and how they played, this team never stopped fighting. When you look at the corner pieces that we have, you tweak a few things here and there and you build around it and you add to it, it is very encouraging. I thought this was the best job out there."

  1. Lynn's Vision –The head coach has a core set of beliefs learned at the hands of some of the game's top minds.  He made a point of thanking Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Mike Shanahan and Rex Ryan for helping mold him into the coach he is today. Lynn explained how spending two years working for Bill Parcells was akin to attending the "Harvard of Football" because of the way Parcells mentored him.  Outlining what he expects from his team, Lynn made it clear this is not a rebuilding process.  He expects to win, and win right away, as he outlined what we can expect from the Chargers in 2017:

"I am very excited with this football team that we have. I think we have the opportunity to start fast. This is not a rebuilding project. This is not a two year transition; this is long term, baby. We have a very talented roster. I like the corner(stone) pieces that we have and can build a championship program around. We are going to show you guys how fun it is going to be to watch this football team. (We are) going to be physical, play disciplined, not turn the ball over and win football games, not lose football games. I can't wait to start…We are going to give our players some ownership in this. I encourage feedback from my players. I want to know what they think and how they are feeling because when you do that, they will take ownership with this and run with it.  That is what I am looking forward to the most; getting back with these guys and getting back to football."

  1. Whisenhunt Stays – Lynn's staff is still being discussed as he is meeting with numerous coaches for various positions.  He acknowledged that former Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley was at Chargers Park over the weekend and is a candidate for the team's defensive coordinator opening.  While much remains in flux for the time being, one significant piece remains in place.  Lynn announced that  Ken Whisenhunt is returning as the team's offensive coordinator, who is someone Lynn has long had in mind for OC:

"Ken Whisenhunt, I know he is going to be my offensive coordinator. I interviewed for a couple jobs last year and Ken was the number one coordinator on my list. I was happy to see that he was here, and he definitely (be back)."

  1. Rivers Rolls On – You need a franchise quarterback to thrive in the NFL, and the Bolts have one of the best to ever play the position in Philip Rivers.  Lynn explained how number 17 played a factor in him deciding to join the Chargers, which he called the most attractive job on the market.  He also described what he expects from the team with Rivers at the helm: 

"After watching our personnel and going through our tapes, these guys play hard. We have brought in the right players. We have good character guys that understand football and know how to play the game. We are going to be tough (and) we are going to be disciplined on the football field. We are going to play smart situational football and we are going to have good, efficient quarterback play… (Rivers) is a very dynamic young man, a natural leader and a football junkie. I love that about him. He has played the game at a high level for a long time and I am looking forward to working with him and even taking his game to another level. Philip being here was an attraction for the job, absolutely."

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