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Top 10 Quotes From Day 19 of Training Camp


Hear what the Bolts had to say after Day 19 of training camp:

DC Renaldo Hill on the return of Derwin James

"It's been everything for us. To come into a system and already have that guy who's vocal and has the respect of the locker room, who guys would do any and everything for. A lot of things that we ask for as coaches, he's already speaking up and addressing those things early and head on. That's what you want from a leader. We know from his talent on the field, he's gonna be able to erase plays there. But being able to solve problems and issues before things arise or being able to communicate with us when things do arise so we're all on the same page, DJ's been excellent. I couldn't ask for anything more."

OC Joe Lombardi on controlling the offense's pace of play

"You're going to want to use the clock. There are times you may even want to slow it down. It is all game dependant, but getting up to the line of scrimmage quickly and getting the ball snapped when that is appropriate. Getting out there quickly and letting the quarterback look at the defense when we might have a number of plays that we want to choose from, a menu. Sometimes it's a two-play menu, sometimes it's a six-play menu. Me getting the replay in quickly, them getting in and out of the huddle, then getting to the line of scrimmage, and now we can operate how we want because there is plenty of time on the clock."

QB Chase Daniel on Justin Herbert's intelligence

"He's smart; probably one of the smartest young guys I've been around in terms of knowledge. not only football knowledge, but how to be a good teammate, how to be a franchise quarterback. The guy won offensive rookie of the year, but he's still super humble. He and I have had good conversations about his progression as a quarterback and I've told him it's about what you do on the field, but it's also so much more than that. It's how you treat the guys in the locker room, how you interact with the coaches, even how you interact with the cooking staff and the equipment staff. It's everything that goes into it. A lot of guys don't understand that. It's a lot of pressure, but he handles it so easily and it comes naturally to him."

Hill on who stood out vs. San Francisco

"I liked how the linebackers played. It was good seeing K9 [LB Kenneth Murray Jr.] out there. [LB] Kyzir [White] has been running and hitting all of training camp. We have good guys playing behind the ball. [LB] Drue [Tranquill] has been excellent. I'm liking how those guys are really flowing at that second level there. They're erasing a lot of plays for us."

Lombardi on what he values in offensive line depth

"We call them the swing tackle, the guy who can go from left tackle to right tackle, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Guys who have that ability, these backup guys have been flipping during camp. We moved some guards out. So having a guard that can play guard well, but who can also hold up at tackle, and then hopefully you got a guy who can play guard and also snap if your center goes down. It's not like you have five backups ready for the game. You have two or three, so those backups have to be able to have that flexibility, like you said, to fill in confidently in one spot."

Daniel on the importance of the preseason

"I try to take it play by play. I try to not think too much about the circumstances. I just try to look at those 10 guys in the huddle, get them calm, and get them rolling in the right direction. I feel like we did that for the most part [against San Francisco.] We had a chance in the game. Lots of people like to say preseason doesn't matter, but it does for a lot of these guys. That's how I made a roster. That's how I made a team as an undrafted free agent. I played well enough to earn a roster spot. This third preseason game means a lot to the last three, four guys to make the team. Whether it's special teams, offense, or defense, these snaps matter. I never want to get into a position — even 13 years in — where I'm not giving it my all for the other guys on the team."

Hill on Joey Bosa acclimating to the scheme change

"I think he's been doing pretty good. Even in the offseason, he's spending extra time with [run game coordinator/outside linebackers coach Jay] Rodgers and getting adjusted. We know it's gonna be a timetable, but we know once the ball's snapped, Joey's gonna be Joey."

Lombardi on the RB depth/competition

"They have been great. The best thing you can say is that those guys are making us make tough decisions about who's going to get the reps, who are going to get the carries. They are similar in some ways, but then they will bring something a little different, as well. I'm pleased with how that room has been progressing. I saw some good pass protection today, and that's key, of course. The best thing I can say is that I feel good about every single kid in that room. That makes decisions hard sometimes."

Daniel on Lombardi's offensive scheme with the Chargers

"It's a very sophisticated offense, but the foundation is the same. I think we're going to do stuff that [QB] Justin [Herbert] might do better than [former Saints QB] Drew Brees and vice versa. What Joe does is fit the offense to the quarterback. He got spoiled for so long being with Drew for 12 years. But this number 10 of ours is special. He can throw just about every ball on the football field. I know he's excited about that, I know Justin's excited about it. It's a lot of studying, a lot of work for a quarterback in this system. You literally have to know every single bit in the run game, the pass game, play-action game, screen game. Justin's been studying his butt off for that. it's going to be fun when the live bullets start flying."

Hill on Kyler Fackrell

"He's just consistent. He does things the right way. You watched him in Green Bay, he kills you in the sack game. Then he gets to New York, and he can win in the pass game. Obviously, we won't ask him to drop that much in coverage, but I think whatever we ask him to do, he's gonna be able to go out and do it at a high level. We like what we get in Fack, and he's been doing everything we've asked."

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