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Titans Identify Biggest Challenge When They Face the Bolts

At 4-4, the Tennessee Titans have more wins in 2016 than in each of their past two seasons.  Currently one game back in the AFC South, the Titans trek to San Diego after three straight home games.

"They've been (in) close games, games that could have gone either way; similar to ours.," mentioned Titans Head Coach Mike Mularkey.  "They're a good football team that something here or there has caused a loss or given them a chance to win.  I know they've been in every game as we have."

Having watched the Bolts on film, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota has been impressed by the team's defense.

"Up front I think they have some real playmakers," he said.  "I think overall as a defense, they've done a great job against the run.  Unfortunately, I think they've battled some injuries on the back end but still those guys playing in the secondary have played well for them.  Really, we're going to have to pay attention and execute."

Specifically, Mariota and Mularkey cited the Bolts' defensive line as one unit on the defense that presents the most challenges.

"They really get after it," Mariota said.  "They come off the ball well and do a great job with mixing some of the games and starts up front that allow those guys to make plays.  (We) really have to make sure we're identifying and communicating well up front."

"How active they are (stands out) and how physical they are," added Mularkey. "It's pretty impressive to watch them.  They're pretty stout up front but they're very good athletes and can move.  Their scheme helps them in what they're doing.  They do a great job with their scheme."

Up until they traded it away to the Los Angeles Rams, the Titans had the number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.  Having essentially their pick of whoever they wanted for a brief moment, Mularkey admitted they did research on Joey Bosa and expressed he's "living up" to all expectations of him.

"He's very disruptive, a very good player (with a) high-motor.  (He's a) great athlete for the size and just very good with techniques.  He's relentless and the way he played in college, it's showing up now.  The more he gets comfortable in the system, I just think he's getting better and better each week."

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