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Philip Rivers' Post Bye Message Resonates with Bolts

Joey Bosa took to the podium Monday, answering a wide array of questions from reporters as the Chargers held their first practice after returning from the bye.

When asked about the team's mindset heading into the final six games of the regular season with a 4-6 record, the rookie revealed a passionate message Philip Rivers gave his teammates after practice.

"Philip was just saying right before we broke (the huddle), everybody here wishes we could go back time and change one little thing that we did in some of the losses that we had," Bosa relayed. "But we obviously can't do that. Looking forward, we've got a six game season. That's really all we can handle, so that's all we're focused on."

It's clear that Rivers' message resonated throughout the locker room as his teammates were still talking about it hours later.  Dontrelle Inman is in his third season with the Bolts, and he explained the special knack the quarterback has to rally a team and deliver the right message.

"What Philip was saying is what I live by.  Just keep going.  You can't harp on the past or you'll never be able to take advantage of the future, or the present.  It was a well needed (message).  Everybody here needed to hear that.  Everybody needs to think like that.  Good things will come from it.  When he speaks, it is natural.  It's his personality.  Philip isn't just good at playing football, he has (a gift) for speaking.  It's a talent to speak and motivate people.  It's his niche."

The Chargers know those outside the locker room are dismissing their prospects to make a postseason run. In fact, most questions on Monday revolved around what the players were focusing on with a 4-6 record and a lot of ground needed to catch up. 

While cognizant that they have an uphill battle to climb, the Bolts do not share that mantra.  Matt Slauson best summed up the team's outlook on the final six regular season games while also harkening back to Rivers message.

"It happens every year for some team that everyone on the outside says, 'You're done.  You have no shot.' And then all of a sudden, you stack up a couple wins and you are in it.  Let me be clear. *We don't care what the outside says. * This is our core.  This is who we care about and the opinions we care about, meaning the guys in this room.  We will fight for each other.  What Philip said was exactly true.  We can't do anything about what happened to us thus far.  We are 4-6.  It is what it is and we can't do anything about it. But what we can do is what is ahead of us, and (that means) taking care of business week after week after week."

Melvin Gordon echoed Slauson, hammering home that the margin for error is now razor thin as each game approaches must win territory.

"(Our mentality) is win, win, win," he said.  "Win as many games as we can. Win all the games.  It's a must at this point."

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