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What'd They Say: AFC West Roundup at the 2024 NFL Combine


The entire NFL world is seemingly in Indianapolis for the 2024 Scouting Combine, and that includes the Chargers counterparts in the AFC West.

Chargers General Manager Joe Hortiz was asked Tuesday about the state of the division.

"They're well-run organizations with great leaders," Hortiz said.

He later added: "Our work is cut out for us [in the AFC West], but we have the guys that can do it, I think."

Here's what the rest of the AFC West said in Indianapolis:


General Manager George Paton

On evaluating quarterbacks:

"You just want to get around them as much as you can. I was fortunate to see a lot of these quarterbacks during the fall, and that's one step of the process. And then you have the all-star games and then you have the Combine, and then you have Pro Days, and maybe private workouts, so, as much as you can get around them and see what makes them tick -- you know, Sean talked about leadership. What's the day-to-day like? What do their teammates feel about them? You can evaluate the arm strength, the accuracy, the athleticism, being able to process is a little more difficult. But I think the more you can get around them, the better decisions you'll make."

On free agency:

"We're going to be strategic. We're not going to be as aggressive as last year. We have flexibility but we're going to just be more measured in trying to fill specific positions, specific needs throughout the team. But I feel like we'll have the flexibility to do that. But we can't do that every year -- and be aggressive like we were last year."

Head Coach Sean Payton

On quarterback Russell Wilson:

"We go through the combine week here. Next week Tuesday, Wednesday we'll be in meetings with ownership. So I expect that we're going to know that fairly quickly. I said it at the Super Bowl but I think more specifically somewhere in the neighborhood of next week we're going to. There's a couple of factors here. Obviously, the cap projections came out. We're further down the road with the draft class. Obviously, the pro free agents. So I would anticipate it being within the next two weeks."

On searching for a quarterback:

"Yeah. We'll look. Well, we better. So the question was finding the right solution at quarterback in this league, which is obviously very competitive in our division. I think it's vital. I saw this humorous meme the other day where there's a Bronco fan with a shirt on and there was like eight quarterbacks names with a cross through it and he's drinking the quarterback Kool Aid. Our job is to make sure that this next one doesn't have a line through it."


General Manager Brett Veach

On building the 2024 roster:

"We're always looking to get better. Whether it be at receiver, offensive line, defensive line or defensive back, any opportunity we can to make our team better, we're going to do that. We put a high priority on the depth of our roster, so we'll attack that and try to get the very best players we can. [We'll] go through our process – and every team's process is a little bit different and unique. We have ours, and there's always a chance to refine and [adjust] things. Again, because it's such a long season – I'm talking a 20-game season – it's a marathon, and you have to attack every position with a mindset of having that depth because it's not a matter of if, but when, players go down."

Head Coach Andy Reid

On moving ahead this offseason:

"What has happened has happened, and now we're in the present. This is a great reminder of that when we come here with all these new players and opportunities to gather new players. This is our first taste of that as coaches, [but] Brett and his staff have been locked in a room for a week or two since the Super Bowl and have just been [filling the coaches in on players]. It's nice to get down here and have a chance to meet face-to-face with these kids and see what they're all about."


General Manager Tom Telesco

On working with Raiders Owner Mark Davis:

"I mean, he's been in the league a long time, he knows football very well, he's the owner of the team. But it's great because there's actually good conversations, great feedback, he's a great person to bounce ideas off of. But yeah, he's got a very big say of kind of what I'm doing and what Antonio [Pierce] is doing. It's a pretty good process so far."

On working with Raiders Head Coach Antonio Pierce:

"Yeah, it's been really cool, and it was nice having the Super Bowl in town, so I got to spend a little bit more time with him. What I thought was really, really neat with him was watching him go through the process of hiring assistant coaches, because I've been through that process before and sometimes it gets a little bit hectic. Sometimes you do some moves a little bit too quickly where you might hire a good coach but maybe it doesn't necessarily fit maybe the vision or philosophy you're looking for. And he really took his time. He talked to a lot of people, did a lot of research, took in a lot of opinions, and put his staff in and took his time doing it. I mean really we didn't fill the staff until probably last week, I think we filled it right there. But to see him work through that process. I'm like you can say he is a first-time head coach, but man he handled that like a pro to me. So, I thought that was just a great sign to see."

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