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What Intrigues Nate Tice the Most About the 2023 Chargers?

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Nate Tice got his first look at the Bolts offense on Friday in Costa Mesa.

Tice, the host of "The Athletic Football Show", stopped by Chargers Training Camp as he continues to visit different teams throughout the summer.

We caught up with Tice to get his thoughts on the Bolts in early August.

What intrigues you the most about this Chargers team in 2023?

"They still have this guy named Justin Herbert [laughs] and that's a good way to start. I think the Kellen Moore addition is a huge thing. I think them bouncing back healthy, or hopefully healthy, knock on wood, I want to see this team fully formed. They've got so many good players and they just keep getting hit with bad luck so I think this year hopefully they can stay healthy and stay consistent because they're just exciting. They've got so many good players and that's what I want to see, offensive line and everything, the receivers, all these players come together. I think it's a great mix, so that's what I'm excited to see. Especially with the Kellen Moore addition, I think that will get the most out of [Herbert]."

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Speaking of Kellen Moore, what area of the offense do you think his addition will help the most?

"Creativity. I think him and his offense is what I call a traditional NFL offense. It's stuff people have run for decades now, but he's very creative with personnels, he's very creative with some formations and will change up his game plans week after week as opposed to having just boring staple plays every week in and week out. So I think that's where he'll come in. I think what people forget too is he was a quarterback at Boise State, I don't think they forget that, but that Boise State offense was extremely creative with their personnels and I think that's what he brings. That doing things that are normal, but just a little bit different."

You mentioned something on a recent podcast episode about Herbert and going down the field more. Entering Year 4, do you think him going deep down the field more is his biggest area where we could see a jump?

"Yeah exactly, he's sometimes too polished where he does the right thing maybe too much and sometimes I want him to get some of his creative juices flowing. I was on [another] pod last year and I said … I kind of want him to try some stuff. I think that's really it and I think that's where Kellen will bring it, where he will open it up a little bit to be like, 'Hey, try it. I'm not going to ding you if you don't hit it'. Going into this practice today I'm like, 'Okay, I can see it happening a little bit'. That dial is going up a little bit. But yeah, aggressiveness, using his gifts would be the number one thing and I think he's pointing in that direction."

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Last year, one of the biggest areas of the team that battled injuries was the offensive line. Where do you think this year's line stacks up and where could they be at the end of the season if healthy?

"They could be a Top-10 offensive line, around that 8-10 range. I think people have already forgotten how good Rashawn Slater is. An All-Pro rookie is a very good thing to have back. But I think Zion Johnson taking another step and all of that, I think it can be a legit balanced, Top-8 ish offensive line that's good in pass protection and the run game, because they have some beef up there. I think it can be a legitimately good unit."

Last question, where will the Chargers be at the end of the season?

"I think they are going to be a playoff team, I think they're going to be fighting for a Wild Card spot. It's a tough division, but having said that, I think this year is the year that they can potentially win that playoff game, should've probably won last year I know it's a tough loss and everything, but they have that talent to make some noise in the playoffs this year. And again, I think the arrow is pointing that way."

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