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Keenan Allen Officially Out for Season; Joey Bosa Activated

It was news the Chargers expected, but that didn't make it any easier to swallow.

On Monday, the team confirmed that Keenan Allen injured his ACL in the Week 1 opener and will miss the remainder of the 2016 season.  The Chargers made a "one for one swap on the roster" by placing the wide receiver on the reserve-injured list and activated Joey Bosa from the exempt list.

A popular figure in the locker room, Allen's injury hit each player hard in his own way. Their emotions were perhaps best summed up by one of KA13's closest teammates, Melvin Gordon.

"Keenan means everything to the team and everything to us," he said.  "Obviously, I'm close to Keenan.  He's hurt, and it's a sad moment that you hate to be a part of.  He has all the ability in the world, and he'll come back stronger than ever.  I truly believe that.  He'll continue to work and build from there.  You've got to play for him every time we go out there."

While it's hard to replace Allen's production, the Bolts will likely look to add a wide receiver to the active roster.  Whether that is promoting someone from the practice squad or bringing in someone from the outside remains to be seen as the team is evaluating their options.

"We'll evaluate who that player is and who is available. Whether you have someone you're bringing up from the practice squad or someone that is not on a current roster right now, you take into consideration also how quickly can that player play for you. Every position is different depending on how much you need to know.  Has that player come from your system?  Are there certain things you can do with that player (because he knows the system)? So every player is a little bit different depending on where they are coming from.

Meanwhile, although now on the active roster, Bosa remains "day to day" as he deals with a minor hamstring injury.

"When he is ready to go out there and participate with his teammates at full speed we'll bring him out there.  Until that changes it's the same thing.  He's taking this injury one day at a time.  When he's ready to practice with his team he'll be out there. He's working out with the trainers today and he'll work with them tomorrow.  If we think we can put him out there on Wednesday, on the field, he'll be out there. If not, we'll keep on going one day at a time until he's ready."

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