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A Conversation With: WR Joshua Palmer


Joshua Palmer is back for another season in powder blue. recently caught up with the Bolts wide receiver to get his thoughts on a revamped roster and his rapport with Justin Herbert.

Here's our 1-on-1 conversation with Palmer:

How was your offseason? Did you get to do anything fun or relaxing?

"I traveled a bit. I went to London and then Amsterdam and then Istanbul. It was really fun. London was kind of similar to America but the architecture is a lot different and a lot older. When I was in Amsterdam, I was able to see the Anne Frank museum. And then Turkey, that was cool to check out the mosques out there."

Do you try to travel like that every offseason?

"That was actually my first time."

Shifting to football, what was the vibe like this offseason under Jim Harbaugh?

"Locked in. Very disciplined. Everybody wants to do the right thing. So I think the biggest thing is that we're all making sure we're on the same page."

How has Coach Harbaugh played a role in that?

"He's been fun. He's a pretty straightforward guy so he says what he means and he means what he says."

What has been your early relationship with Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman?

"It's still growing. I'm learning the offense and he's learning the receivers and possibly foreseeing guys in certain spots. We're just doing our best to pick up the offense right now."


A big theme this offseason has been a focus on improving the run game. How do the receivers play into that?

"You can't run unless you can throw and you can't throw unless you can run. The run and the pass compliment each other so we know we have to be good in the run game."

Did you know wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal before he was hired here?

"I spoke to him when I was coming out for the draft. I think he was in Jacksonville then."

What's he been like now with the Bolts?

"Really good. He's really technique and technically focused. He wants to build great receivers and doesn't want any drop off if guys are not in. He wants to be able to put a guy in and know he's going to be right here."

Do you feel like that focus on the technical aspect fits with your game?

"I feel like I'm still growing in that field. You can never learn too much."

Obviously it was an offseason of change. What was the offseason program like with no Keenan Allen or Mike Williams?

"It was definitely different for me and I can only speak for myself. Definitely different when you're used to having your two best friends out there and now they are not. But they're nothing but a phone call away and I'm ready to move forward."

A two-part question: how did they impact your personally and then on the football field?

"I was a little sad because they were my good friends and I looked up to Keenan and Mike. From a football standpoint, it's a business."


Have you taken on more of a leadership role in the WR room?

"I don't know, you probably have to ask somebody else. I wouldn't see myself as that. Ask other guys and see what they say [laughs]."

How do you look at the WR room overall? Other than you and DJ Chark, it's a pretty young group.

"We're taking shape. We have a lot of different personalities and a lot of different guys. Only a couple guys are back from last season so everyone is fairly new and we're all learning each other."

Going into Year 4, how much do you still appreciate the chance to play with Justin Herbert?

"Every day I'm thankful. Every day I'm thankful to have a quarterback like that."

Was there anything you specifically worked on this offseason?

"My spirituality. I wanted to make sure my mind was good because the body will follow. That's life-related. If life is good, football is good. And if football is good, life is good."

As training camp approaches, what do you think the potential of the offense is?

"I actually don't have an answer. I wish I did, but I don't because we'll see how it takes shape during camp. It's too early to say because we were still learning things and installing stuff."

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