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Joey Bosa Recalls Browns Pre-Draft Courtship

The San Diego Chargers drafted Joey Bosa third overall this past April immediately after the Philadelphia Eagles selected QB Carson Wentz.

At one point, it was the Cleveland Browns who held the second overall pick before trading it to Philadelphia. Prior to that trade, the Browns had a crack at drafting Bosa. 

"I had conversations with them," Bosa said.  "I had met with Cleveland and everybody at the Draft, and I made a trip out there. I saw some interest. I was not really expecting to end up there, but I definitely saw it as a possibility."

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson said going back and thinking what could have been "doesn't really matter."  What does is that number 99 has become one of the most productive playmakers on the Bolts defense.

"I think Joey Bosa, as we all know, is a tremendous player and has a tremendous reputation here in Ohio.  Obviously, he's done a great job at Ohio St. and what he's doing in the NFL, none of us is surprised at.  He's very talented."

While he recalled the draft process, instead of focusing on it, Jackson is more worried about getting the Browns' first win of the season.  In fact, he didn't mince words when describing his first year with the team. 

"Sometimes you have to struggle before you find some progress."

At 0-14, the Browns have two games left in their quest to prevent becoming the 12th winless team in NFL history.

"(We have to) go out and do whatever it takes to win the game," mentioned quarterback Robert Griffin III.  "Everyone on the outside can take into account (the record) but here on the inside, we have to just go out and execute and do what it is that our game plan is set up and our scheme is set up to do.  (We need) to do a better job at that.  I have to make sure that I lead those guys out there and allow them to be put in positions to be successful.  That's really what we're focused on.  All these other things, you just have to not even take those into account.  You just have to go out and play as hard as you can and do whatever it takes to win the game."

Doing whatever it takes to win for the Browns offense won't be an easy task as the Chargers defense has a takeaway in every game this season.

"They're (an) extremely fast, physical defense that runs around and plays with a ton of energy," Griffin continued.  "They have a lot of great players on that side of the ball.  It'll be a great challenge for us to try to match their intensity and try and go out-execute them."

"(On) defense, I'm watching a young Joey Bosa blossom into a premiere pass rusher along with Melvin Ingram and Corey Liuget," added Jackson.  "I know the kid (Casey) Hayward is playing really good back there.  They're a really good defensive football team; sound fundamentally and they play hard.  They've done a good job."

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