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Joe Barksdale Invites Fans to Jam with Him on Stage

As one of the most active Chargers on social media, Joe Barksdale loves connecting with fans whether it's answering questions through a Reddit AMA or starting a fantasy league.  But if there's one takeaway from his social accounts, it's that he is not only an accomplished athlete, but a solid musician as well.

Starting this season, Barksdale is giving Chargers fans another opportunity to connect with the offensive lineman.  Enter: Joe's Jam Session.

The jam sessions will happen most Monday nights during the regular season starting September 12 at Humphrey’s Backstage Live from 8:00pm-11:00pm.

"It's something I've been wanting to do," mentioned Barksdale.  "Last year, when I first got here, things were different, schedules were different and now I'm glad to be able to take some initiative and get it done."

Barksdale, who sings and plays lead guitar, said he and his band will open the night with a few songs.  After taking a brief break, local musicians can then come up onstage and jam.

"Anyone who plays an instrument who wants to jam (is welcome).  Any instrument that's part of a band can come play.  Even singers.  If you're a part of a quartet or trio, we'll let you play two or three songs."

Minimum entry to each session is $10 with proceeds going to the Fender Music Foundation.  Barksdale said he's thrilled to be able to partner with an organization that supports a cause dear to his heart.

"A lot of different school systems are cutting (programs) out or making budget cuts, and the first things to go are the extracurricular activities or the arts.  (The Fender Music Foundation is) trying to slowly but surely pump those back into schools and give kids other outlets besides sports."

While Barksdale used to participate in jam sessions in St. Louis when he was with the Rams, he's extremely excited to share this with San Diegans.  Anyone is welcome to join and take in the local sounds even if you don't play an instrument.  As Barksdale explains, the most important part of the sessions is being able to bond over the shared passion of music.

"I want to have people who love music.  Obviously, you want fans who are musicians, but (I want) anyone who is looking to have fun and anyone who wants to come get on stage and jam out who is looking to get better at their instrument or show people how good they are."

Visit for more information and exact jam session dates.

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