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Jason Verrett to Miss Rest of 2016 with Partially Torn ACL

Jason Verrett stood in the locker room on Wednesday and informed the media that he will miss the rest of the season with a partially torn ACL. 

"My season is done," he said.

Verrett couldn't pinpoint exactly when the injury took place, but came in on Tuesday complaining of pain in his left knee.  He underwent further evaluation that revealed the partially torn ACL.  After speaking with doctors, the decision was made to "shut it down"  and have surgery to limit the risk of further, more significant injury.

"The feeling I had in my knee, I knew something wasn't right but I have the mindset of being out there. Then getting the results, it was crushing.  It was tough.  But I knew something wasn't right."

Admitting this is a tough injury to process, Verrett had a message he wanted to share with the fans.

"I want them to keep the mind frame of who I am.  I am the type of person who can handle adversity.  I am someone who won't back down from anything.  This is just a short stepping stone in my career, and I am going to bounce back harder than ever."

Verrett's season comes to an end after just four games where he totalled 13 tackles, three passes defensed and one interception.  He says he doesn't know when the injury occured, and that his desire to play made it feel like it was general soreness that players go through during the season.

Head Coach Mike McCoy praised his toughness.

"With the way he has played, you would never know he's been dealing with what he's had. It's an unfortuante situation.  If you saw him come in yesterday, you'd have never known."

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