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Jason Verrett Bringing "Feeva" to the Fans

Icon Tee ⚡️ Available Now Online! #Feeva #FeevaCollection

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While it's impossible to imitate Jason Verrett's playing style on the field, fans are now able to duplicate his personal style off of it.

Last month, Verrett launched Feeva, his first clothing and apparel line based off his pseudonym.

"It originated from my nickname, Feeva," Verrett said.  "(My teammates) used to call me J-5 and then 'Feeva' for five, because they put a little swagger on it.  I just developed that mindset because I came from the junior college route to get to TCU and went through obstacles and adversity."

With no college scholarships out of high school, Verrett spent time at Santa Rosa Junior College where he made the transition from WR/RB to CB before eventually transferring to TCU.  That chip on his shoulder mentality is the driving force behind Feeva and something he believes his fans can emulate.

"I kind of developed the mindset of having a hunger and mentality to bounce back.  So I developed this brand to take my nickname to the next level.  It's something that I just want everybody to have, like when you're working out or you're lifting, you need to have that energy or 'Feeva' to get through it."

A self-proclaimed "huge shopper", Verrett said starting an apparel line is something he's always wanted to do.  According to the Pro Bowler, one of the most exciting things about assembling a clothing line has been the creative process.  While he's used to the challenge of shutting down some of the league's top receivers, he faced a new challenge - picking his line's signature logo.

"(The creative process has) been cool!  I have two partners helping me out and doing a wonderful job, (especially with) picking out the logo.  We started out a few different ways.  At first, I had 'Feeva Island' in there because every cornerback feels like they have their own island but then it just became Feeva.  I like the way things are turning out."

Currently, the line sells men's shirts and a snapback hat – which already boasts a waitlist.  He promises more apparel, like women's items, will become available in due time.  But for now, Verrett is excited to share a little piece of him with his fans.

"I want to bring energy to San Diego and bring the Feeva mentality to San Diego.  I hope the fans can support it as much as they support the Chargers and as much as I appreciate them."

To purchase items and for more information on the line, visit:

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