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Isaac Rochell Goes Behind the Lens

For Isaac Rochell, StubHub Center is known as his workplace on Sundays in the fall.

But on one Sunday this spring, he took on a new job at the stadium.

Instead of his usual navy uniform, Rochell put on a blue mesh vest and **became a guest member of the LA Galaxy’s photography team** for the day, shooting the team's match against Sporting Kansas City.

"I absolutely loved it," Rochell exclaimed. "The (photography team) was really welcoming and did a really great job of explaining how to use the particular lens that they gave to me, as well as what to look for shooting at a soccer game. It was a lot different from what I've (shot) in the past. Soccer in and of itself is a unique sport, but they did a good job of explaining it."

After taking up photography a year ago while training for the NFL Draft in Arizona, Rochell started an **Instagram** for his work.

"It's a super healthy hobby," he said. "It allows me to do something that's different and creative. Just like any hobby, it's just an opportunity to get away from what you're used to. You just have an opportunity to do something different and be in the moment."

Knowing his passion for the side project, his agency, Roc Nation, connected him with the LA Galaxy to shoot the game. Immediately, Rochell was thrown into the fire. As someone who is used to shooting landscapes and portraits, shooting a live game was a completely new environment. However, it was one he became a fan of.

"The game is so quick, so you have to be ready. With football, you have a lot of (slower) periods in the game…. With soccer, you have to be ready the entire time to take pictures. It's a little more challenging, but it's fun."

While he stayed in one area to shoot, he rotated sides of the field during the halves and thinks he took around 800 photos during the game.

"I was trying to freestyle! I had no expectations or anything of what my shots would look like. I was getting whatever photos I could."

For Rochell, Sunday's experience was one for the ages. He extended tremendous thanks to the hospitality of the Galaxy photo team for letting him use some of their equipment. But while it was an unforgettable day already, taking home photos of the game was truly a priceless gift.

Isaac Rochell tested out his photography skills as a member of LA Galaxy's Photography team for the club's match against Sporting KC. Check out some of his best photos.

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