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Inside Keenan Allen's Interception

Bryce Petty dropped back to unleash a Hail Mary on the final play of the first half.

As the ball reached its apex and descended upon a heap of players at the goal line, one Charger rose up high above the rest to snare the ball.


Wait, is that?

Yes it is...Keenan Allen!

A Pro Bowl wide receiver, the Bolts put KA13 back to defend the deep pass to do exactly what he did.

In fact, it's a play he practices once a week.  Allen was also quick to point out his history at the position.

"A six-star safety (coming out of high school)," he said after the game.  "Low key, when the ball went up in the air, I was definitely like, 'It's mine!' No question."

The play was another hot topic in the locker room following the game.  Even Philip Rivers took note, explaining how his number one weapon was a highly recruited safety heading into college.

"He wanted to score," the quarterback said with a laugh.  "The guys gave him a hard time because I guess he got hit pretty good.  But he was a big-time safety coming out of high school."

Once the ball was in his hands, Allen began to weave upfield looking to take it all the way before taking that punishing hit.

"I was definitely trying to score.  I got killed, though.  That hurt!"

Head Coach Anthony Lynn also mentioned how Allen defending the Hail Mary is something they rep in practice.

However, the return was all improvisation.

"Yes, it is something (we plan)," he said.  "We want to put a tall guy back there that can jump, and Keenan showed why he's back there.  Now, we don't necessarily want him returning it, but that's Keenan."

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