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How the Bolts Can Make the Playoffs

The Chargers had just held up their share of the bargain, gutting out a 14-7 road win over the New York Jets.

Their postgame celebration was brief as they all quickly took to their phones and TVs to catch the end of the Rams-Titans game.

A Titans win and the Bolts would be eliminated. A loss and they enter Week 17 very much alive.

Trailing by four with less than two minutes remaining, the Titans went for it on fourth down but failed to convert.

On the field, the Rams celebrated their victory. That same celebration commenced in the Chargers' locker room half a country away.

"We've still got hope!" Keenan Allen said.  "We're straight!  We've got to go do it next week."

"I was hoping it didn't crush the mood so quickly," Philip Rivers said.  "It makes for a merrier Christmas.  A lot (more fun of a) week knowing we're going to have a chance.  It wouldn't have been fun to see the Titans throw a touchdown there with under a minute left right after we just won that game. It would have essentially eliminated us.  I'm glad we're alive for another week."

While the players were catching the end in the locker room, Head Coach Anthony Lynn was fielding questions from the media.

He too wanted an update. After all, the head coach had been all business with a singular focus on controlling what the team could control.  That meant beating the Jets.

"I have no idea what the Titans are doing," he said. "You have some news for me?"

The news proved to be exactly what he wanted to hear.

The Bolts now head into Week 17 knowing exactly what they need to have happen to reach the postseason.

First and foremost, they must beat the Oakland Raiders at home at StubHub Center.  They also need the Jacksonville Jaguars to beat the Tennessee Titans while the Baltimore Ravens win against the Cincinnati Bengals.  If the Ravens lose, the Bolts still get in if the Buffalo Bills lose to the Miami Dolphins in addition to Tennessee losing. 

Still, true to his values, Lynn is only worried about one thing; his team's performance.

He didn't want to hear anything about playoff scenarios.  He only cared about correcting mistakes.

"We just talk about this grind today," he said. "How hard this game was today and how hard we made this game today and just getting ready for the next one.  Because we've got to take care of our business or it doesn't really matter."

The Chargers battle the New York Jets for a Christmas Eve matchup.

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