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How Chris Harris Jr. Fit in "Perfectly" with Bolts 

Chris Harris Jr. has spent all of his career in the AFC West, but 2020 was his first with the Chargers. He recently opened up about a variety of topics including what he saw from the team, his first season in L.A., making it back to the field after his foot injury, what he wants to achieve in 2021, and more.

On What the Team Showed Him in 2020

"At the end of the year, we started to get stronger and started to get healthier as the season went (on.) I think us finishing in the top 10 that's still something to be proud of, even though we all didn't have our best years. But to finish that high, me missing a lot of games, us missing Derwin (James,) I think that's a strong finish for us. And we definitely have a lot of things we can build off of for this season and next year."

On How the Chargers are a "Perfect" Fit

"I still had a blast with the team. The players welcomed me so easily so to come and get along with these guys, I definitely had a lot a fun this first year … I definitely fit in well. I fit in perfect really, and it made my job and transition a lot easier."

On His Rehab Process to Make it Back

"It was a lot of hard work. I had to really push a lot; a lot of two-a-days, a lot of non-stop treatment doing whatever I can to get my foot strong enough to run (and) break. There was still pain. Having to play through pain during the games and practice and just try to fight through it. It took a lot of mental toughness … It was definitely worth it. All the treatment, all the hard work to come back, it was definitely worth it to come back and finish strong."

On Younger Players Seeking Advice

"It means a lot … I had Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins and I was in their ear 24-7. That's what these guys are doing. Kenneth Murray, since I'm playing back, I'm playing pretty much next to him every snap. Talking to him all game, talking to him in practice and working with him and a lot of guys in the secondary. It's fun working with guys who want to get better and learn more about the game of football. I'm always open to help teach these guys."

On Goals for 2021

"To sweep the division (like we did,) that's one of my goals … I want to go out there and show people I can still play. And also, get this team to the playoffs and help get us to that next step. Build off of what we did this year and next year, come in hot and take it and run with it."

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