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Five Fun Facts about Mike Williams

*Mike Williams was the Bolts' first-round selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, so here are five fun facts you may not know about the rookie wide receiver. *

1. Small Town Native: When I say small, I mean small.  Try 150 people.  "I'm from Vance, South Carolina.  Everybody knew everybody.  It was almost like we were family.  I have had a lot of 'cousins' pop up since I've been drafted!"  Williams said going to Clemson wasn't necessarily a big difference as the town itself.  Although larger than Vance, is still small by most standards.  Going to Los Angeles?  Williams calls that a "huge difference."  "Just the whole city life and traffic, I'm not used to that!  I'm used to getting up and going where I need to be, not sitting in traffic.  So that's (been) a little different for me."

2. Avid Gamer: Like many of his Chargers teammates, Williams loves to play video games in his spare time.  His favorite? NBA 2K.  "It's a game I've played since I was a kid.  Hanging out with my friends playing video games was just something I enjoyed outside of playing sports."  His new game of choice is Madden.  "I also recently just started playing mainly because I'm in the (new) one.  I'm trying to get halfway decent!  It's weird seeing myself because just playing the game, I've looked up to those guys so knowing I'm in the game, it's crazy."

3. All Hail King James: Williams' favorite NBA player is none other than LeBron James.  Although he was admittedly sad about how the 2017 NBA Finals ended, Williams said he admires everything about the athlete James is. He's eager to see him back in action as the season is about to begin. "I just like the way he approaches the game.  He's an individual who is trying to leave a legacy.  He is bigger than the game and he does it for his whole community.  He plays for his family and the kids back in Akron.  I look up to those type of guys."

4. WR has Game: And not just on the field.  Try in the studio. Channeling his inner Meek Mill, Williams said he's recorded a few rap songs.  "I have some songs!  Back at Clemson, I got in the studio a few times and recorded a couple songs.  It's something I like doing."  Williams said he enjoys putting lyrics together.  Sometimes, he pre-writes.  Other times, he'll just go into the studio and free style.  "It's fun to hear yourself.  But, I feel like some football players want to be rappers and some rappers want to be football players."  Looks like Williams is getting the best of both.

5. Pregame Mix: Along with praying, Williams listens to music before games.  He says he puts his phone on shuffle.  "I listen to a lot of different things. I like to listen to Meek Mill, Lil Uzi, Young Thug and Future."  Williams cites Meek Mill as his favorite artist.     

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