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First Annual Dog Draft a Huge Success

Highlights from the team's first Dog Draft presented by Petco.

While the Chargers added eight new players in the 2016 NFL Draft, some fans ended up drafting new furry companions as well.

The first annual Chargers Dog Draft presented by Petco was a huge success.  Put on in-conjunction with Second Chance Dog Rescue, Chargers fans had the opportunity to meet dogs available for adoption and even adopt or foster them.

"The event went really great; we had a bigger turnout than expected," said Megan Steele-Knight, President of Second Chance Dog Rescue.  "We placed five dogs in homes and we have about four dogs that we're following up on applications from the event.  They're meeting with the foster families this week so we'll probably have some more adoptions."

San Diego resident Jacque Miller was one of the lucky families who adopted last Saturday.  Having just put new floors in her house, she and her husband were ready for a new addition to their family to join their rescued spaniel.  Luckily for Miller, she held the first overall dog draft pick and was the first fan to adopt.

"It was fun!" Miller said.  "It was a nice surprise to see a lot of people there.  When we adopted, there were a bunch of photographers and later, news crews came.  We were the first ones to adopt that day so a bunch of people took pictures and a couple Charger Girls took pictures with us, too."

Miller's new addition, Fumble, walked away with a Chargers collar, t-shirt and tons of giveaways like grooming and food coupons.  Having rescued previously, Miller said attending an event like this was important to her because she was able to rescue a dog that previously may have lived in a "substandard situation."

As for a second Dog Draft? 

Steele-Knight is looking forward to expanding the event hoping it can get "bigger and better" and both she and Miller are grateful to the Chargers for spreading awareness about dog rescue, adoption and fostering.

"It was awesome that the Chargers did this to reach out into the community," Miller added.  "I know they do that (and) that they do lot of community events, but this was nice."

"Everyone thought it was a really cool and unique idea," mentioned Steele-Knight.  "Everyone was super excited that this was something the Chargers were doing and the community aspect of it; we got a lot of people saying it was really cool the Chargers put this on." 

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