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A Conversation With: Kyler Fackrell
Here's more from Fackrell on why he joined the Bolts, thoughts on the defense, his reunions with a few former teammates, and more.
By Hayley Elwood Jul 20, 2021

This summer, we thought we'd check in with a few Chargers players before the 2021 season kicks into gear.

Our third conversation features Kyler Fackrell.

Fackrell is one of the newest members of the Chargers after joining the team this spring in free agency.

Here's more from Fackrell on why he joined the Bolts, thoughts on the defense, his reunions with a few former teammates, and more.

Welcome to the Chargers! I know it's been a couple months since you signed and you've now gone through the offseason program, but take us back, why did you choose to sign with this team?

Kyler Fackrell: It had a lot to do with coach Staley. I know Corey (Linsley) and I'm very excited to be back on a team with Corey and Bryan Bulaga. I was there (in Green Bay) with Jared Cook, too. Those are all great guys. But really, it was the conversation that I had with coach Staley and learning his passion for football and for defense and it was kind of the energy that he brings.

So shortly after you signed, Staley mentioned how much respect he had for your game coming from the time he spent in the NFC North coaching for the Bears while you were with the Packers. What are your impressions of him?

Fackrell: He seems really like a players' coach. Exactly what the players would want. I think he's very receptive to what the players want and is fluid in that way trying to make things right for us. We've kind of gone through the installs through this offseason and I think it's pretty clear that he's kind of a brilliant mind defensively. So, I think it's a great combination.

What's it been like getting acclimated to the Chargers organization and the teammates and coaches?

Fackrell: It's been great. They have a great group of guys. I think it's a pretty young team, there's kind of a select few vets, but overall, it's a pretty young team and a team I think that's really kind of hungry. They put together a group of guys who want to work and want to be great.

How does this defense really benefit your skillset?

Fackrell: I think getting the way coach Staley coaches this defense and the way they set up things is for us as EDGE players and for everyone to play fast and to get into one-on-one situations and favorable matchups, that's kind of what it's all about. It's gonna be great for me, for us as EDGE players, and for us on defense.

Staley mentioned your versatility, general manager Tom Telesco mentioned it, you just mentioned it as well. How has that benefited you throughout your career so far?

Fackrell: I think that's what kind of makes a 3-4 defense hard on offenses, when they don't know if the EDGE players are rushing or dropping. Obviously, most EDGE players want to rush and want to get sacks – and that's important – but being able to do both and to be able to drop into coverage and be reliable is a big strength.

Uchenna Nwosu said if anything goes wrong on the field, they can count on you. They're looking to you. You're new to this team but you're a veteran in this league. How does that veteran leadership benefit you and your role now?

Fackrell: I think other than Joey (Bosa) and me, who are the same year, the other guys in the group are young. I think experience really is a huge strength just having seen a lot of football and seeing what offenses try to do. I hope that I'll be able to pass some of that knowledge and little tips to those younger guys to help them get to that stage faster.

You mentioned some of those familiar faces (and former teammates) earlier. I was talking to Bryan Bulaga and asked if he'd ever anticipate having all these Packer reunions out west? For you, how helpful is it to have those guys out here in a new environment?

Fackrell: It's been great. I think especially being out here and out west, this is closer to where I grew up. I grew up in Arizona so it's a little more familiar to me. But again, kind of integrating in a new team and going to a team where you don't know anybody, it's good to know guys and have that "in" already.

What can you say about Bulaga and Linsley and if you got to know Jared Cook at all, and what they'll bring to this team?

Fackrell: They're gonna bring a ton of experience and a ton of knowledge. I think that was a big reason why Corey was brought in, too, to kind of work with Justin Herbert. They're great guys, they're great players. In the locker room, they're gonna be a great influence on what is a pretty young team.

And then lastly, what makes you most excited about being a Charger?

Fackrell: I mean everything. It's really a perfect situation for me, for my family. Being able to live here close to home, close to family, close to friends and all that. The organization has been amazing. I loved meeting with Tom Telesco and ownership. It's been great and I can tell already that it's a great group of guys, guys who want to work and break into that next level and make the playoffs and hopefully make a Super Bowl run.

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