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Congratulations, Philip Rivers
The impact Rivers had on his teammates is indelible, so here's a collection of messages from them to No. 17.
By Hayley Elwood Jan 29, 2021

After 17 seasons, Philip Rivers, one of the NFL's fiercest competitors and iconic players, has called it a career.

Rivers leaves his mark on the field holding more than 30 franchise records for the Chargers and it's clear our Sundays won't be the same without hearing his "shoots," "dadgummits," and signature cadence.

The impact Rivers had on his teammates is equally as indelible, so here's a collection of messages they wanted to share with No. 17.


"There's so many things I can say about Philip Rivers. I think the one thing that I will always remember is I never felt like we were going to lose when he was playing quarterback. The confidence that he exuded really permeated throughout the entire team. And then, the fact of his ability to connect with everyone on the team, no matter your background or your race. He was truly a great leader. 

I will always remember the times, obviously, that we spent off the field playing basketball at my house in Poway. Those were some of the greatest times because we got a chance to talk about real stuff; family, being a husband, being a father, all that kind of stuff. But it's hard to put into words what someone means to you that was one of the greatest teammates that you ever had. 

So, Philip, man, congratulations on an outstanding career. Thank you for inspiring me every single day at practice with your work ethic, the way you interacted with everybody, the energy that you displayed. It was truly a pleasure being your teammate. And I know the next chapter of your life will be even more successful. Again, congratulations. God bless."

“Congratulations on a great career, Phil. It was a privilege to lace them and go to war with you every week.” - Shawne Merriman

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"I can confidently say that I would not have become the football player I did if it weren't for you. But I also know for a fact I wouldn't be the man I am today if I didn't have you in my life. It truly is an honor to call you a good friend, and I wish you, Tiffany and the kids the absolute best as you begin the next chapter of your lives.

Nobody I've ever played with brought such a childlike enthusiasm to the game. We'd be in the middle of a knock-down, drag-out divisional battle — beat up and bloody and exhausted — and Phil would come back to huddle like, "Gol-LEE ... how fun is this!"

We just had a special relationship ... When you're an offensive lineman, there's nothing better than having a quarterback who's tougher than you and will fight for you the same way you lay yourself on the line to protect him. Because you know that if the roles were reversed, he'd do the same for you." (via The Players' Tribune)


"Philip meant a lot to me because when I got to San Diego, he was the first guy to really open up to me. And shoot, he's the franchise quarterback! It just showed a bit of what a leader should do, and that's get to know someone, build a relationship, and he made me feel very welcome.

I think more than anything, he's one of the more fun people to play with. He had kind of the same mentality as me. We were both a little bit more 'backyard football guys' and we both grew up with dads as coaches. He was an unbelievable person to play with. We had a great relationship on and off the field. We were good buddies off the field. On the field, we had a great relationship as a quarterback-running back.

Hall of Famer without a doubt, but looking back on Philip, the thing that I respected more than anything is No. 1 his faith, and No. 2, his allegiance to his family; to Tiffany and his nine kids. That's the stuff that should be the most important."



"Congratulations on a remarkable career Philip, it was an honor to share a QB room with you. Your toughness, competitive spirit, and passion on the football field were unmatched. In life, your steadfast commitment to living the mantra of 'Faith, Family & Football' was an inspiration for many. 

I am blessed to call you a teammate and friend."

“Congrats Phil on an incredible career. Thankful for all you have done for my career. You were an incredible teammate/leader both on and off the field. Can’t wait to see you in Canton. Enjoy retirement beast!” - Hunter Henry


"Thank you Philly. One of the best players ever, but even a better person. Your accolades on the field. The touchdowns, passing yards, completions, games played, consecutive games played is nothing compared to the father, husband, friend and teammate you are and that's bigger than football. Congrats on a great career Philly enjoy your 🌹's now and not later. Love ya Philly."

"I want to say congratulations on your retirement. Very few people had a career like yours, playing the position the way you played it. I’m just fortunate enough to be a part of it. I thank you for all the memories, and I'm sure whatever it is you do in your next chapter, you’re going to be great at it. Congrats on retirement, and talk to you soon, buddy.” - Antonio Gates

"Congratulations, Phil. It was an honor to get to play with you and I’m just so happy that you get to finally relax and enjoy an amazing life with your wonderful family after all the hard work you put in over the years. Congratulations buddy, enjoy it." - Joey Bosa

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"He just had such a great career. Some of the people that he's up there with are some of the greatest quarterbacks that you're ever going to know in the NFL and he's right there alongside with them. I've just got so much love for that man. I just appreciate him, and I just love him and his family.

I was proud, a little sad at the same time that we'll see him go, but I'm ready to welcome him to the other side." (via 97.3 The Fan)


"Husband, Father, Friend, Role Model, Professional, Warrior, Leader!

Glad that I was blessed to be apart of your career. Showed up everyday like it was your last and never took any moment for granted! Thank You CheeseSteak #HOF"

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