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Chargers, USAA Share a Unique Experience with Military Members

With San Diego having such strong ties to the military, the Chargers look forward to giving back to those who serve our country in any way they can.


This past Tuesday on their day off, the Chargers and USAA, the Official Military Appreciation Sponsor of the San Diego Chargers, visited members of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 14 from Naval Air Station North Island.

"USAA uses its sponsorship to honor the San Diego area military community for their service while raising awareness of how we can serve them in return," said USAA Military Affairs Representative David Dearie.  "Our partnership allows us to give our members and prospective members a chance to get closer to the NFL with the experiences that we create."

"It's a blessing to come here and see these heroes, these guys who sacrifice their lives each and every day for all us Americans," said Dexter McCoil who took part in the event.  "It's good to meet them and see what they do day to day."

"It's an accomplishment to see that someone we look up to every Sunday (with) them giving their hearts out come out to us and show us support," mentioned Jordan Hunter, HSC-14 Petty Officer 3rd Class Aviation Rescue Swimmer.  "It's good to see they're out here and are humans outside of their pads showing smiles and bringing their families out. Military support, football support and Chargers support is one of our morals here at HSC-14 so it's good to see them come out and show that also."

Along with McCoil, Kyle Emanuel, Darrell Stuckey and a few Charger Girls also spent the afternoon learning the ins and outs of what some of San Diego's military members do on a daily basis.  Their visit included stops at three different locations on base, nicknamed the "Chargers", and ended with a special meet and greet session.

"We're big fans of the Chargers so it was amazing seeing them coming out and hoping they enjoyed their time with us as well," said Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer Cerna.

Though their jobs differ drastically, both Chargers players and military members have a special appreciation for the work that each other does.  However more than anything, the respect that each side has for one another strengthens the bond that is forever forged between the Chargers and military in America's Finest City.

"We were talking about the grind and how hard work really takes a toll on each other's lives," McCoil added.  "With them in the Navy and me being in the NFL, it's kind of mutual as far as the hard work goes."   

"It's awesome discussing what each of us do and we really appreciate them," continued Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer DeLeon.  "We were talking about giving to the community and I don't think a lot of people realize that both of us give to the community.  It's not just us, not just the military.  They get away from their families and it's really awesome that they do that."

In honor of Salute to Service, the Chargers along with USAA took a visit to the North Island Coronado Naval Station to spend time with San Diego service members.

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