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Chargers Continue Providing Children Free Dental Care

For the third year in a row, the San Diego Chargers gave kids something to smile about.

In conjunction with TeamSmile, a non-profit organization which partners with teams to promote the importance of dental care, the Bolts provided over 300 children with complimentary dental assessments and treatments.

"It just makes everything so much more exciting for these kids to have the players here (and) the Charger Girls here," said Christy Conway of Henry Schein Dental.  "Getting major dental work done can be really scary for these kids, so to have fun at the event and have a DJ here made it a lot easier for these kids to get in the dental chair and get work done."

As Conway attested, going to the dentist is rarely categorized as fun.  However, the Club Lounge at Qualcomm Stadium was completely transformed into a one-of-a-kind dance party atmosphere with loud music and games.

"At the end of the day when you're allowed to do something like go to the dentist in an environment as friendly as (this) with music, big smiling faces and kids that are happy and proud; when you see your peers doing the same thing, it makes it a little calmer and easy to deal with," said Darrell Stuckey. 

In addition to having fun, the most important tool the Chargers players could provide was being aides to helping the kids learn about good oral hygiene. 

"We're just here to lighten the mood and let the kids know that we take care of our teeth too," mentioned Sean McGrath.

San Diego Chargers and TeamSmile partner to provide free dental care for more than 250 kids at Qualcomm Stadium.

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