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Charger Girls Ready to Bolt Up in 2019


Five years ago, Lindsay auditioned to become a Charger Girl. After two seasons with the squad, she took a break to pursue a career of starting her own business.

But fast forward to Thursday night, and she stood onstage at the Pasadena Convention Center, grateful for the opportunity to once again represent the Bolts as a member of the Charger Girls.

"I was a Charger Girl in 2013 and 2014, that's five years ago!" Lindsay said. "Now coming to L.A., there's so much thrill and excitement. It's really an honor to be back on the team and I'm excited to see where this year goes."

Known as one of professional sports' most respected cheer and dance teams, the Charger Girls have set a standard in the NFL for nearly three decades. This year's squad, comprised of 24 women (15 veterans, nine rookies), is ready to continue that tradition.

"The talent on this team is incredible," mentioned Charger Girls Director Lisa Simmons. "There's so much talent. We recognized it on Sunday, but they have rehearsed it all week. They spent a lot of time on their solo choreography and it's evident we have one of the most talented teams we've ever had."

"I love football, I think it's such an energetic and exciting sport," added Kaylyn, one of the team's newest members. "For me, to be a Charger Girl, is amazing. I've been on so many auditions, but nothing really fulfilled my career like this did. I think it's so fun. Cheering for an NFL team is truly amazing and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity."

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This year's group features multiple entrepreneurs, an entertainment correspondent, marketing and events director, executive recruiter and multiple graduates of UCLA, USC, Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton, among others. All went through a rigorous audition process which started on Sunday with a dance audition. The finalists then went through one-to-one and panel interviews until they got to Thursday, where they convened at the Pasadena Convention Center one last time for a final dance audition.

But along with being phenomenal dancers and athletes, these women are the total package. They're driven, educated, ambitious and eager to give back to the L.A. community.

"The work we do in the community is hands down, my favorite part of being on this team," Tess, a third-year veteran said. "We're out there with young kids, inspiring them and letting them know it's okay for them to reach their dreams because they can attain them."

Dreams were certainly attained for these women Thursday night. And as Simmons explained, she knows this year will be a very special one.

"Tonight was a really special night for these women because (it) was the night their dreams came true," Simmons reflected. "Most of them have been dreaming about this for a long time. Many of them have watched the Charger Girls over the years (and) many have danced and cheered throughout their entire lives prepping and preparing for this moment. Tonight was incredibly special for that reason. The sky is the limit with this group…. It was evident all of these women have such unique stories and we're really excited to share their stories with our fanbase."

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