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Bolt Fans Pack the Promenade for Weekend of Fun

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Take a look at the three day event held at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica last weekend.

Last weekend the Chargers teamed up with the Tailgate Tour to host a free three-day event on the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica.

The event allowed Chargers fans and NFL fans alike to celebrate their love of football in the days leading up to Super Bowl 56. The event kicked off on Thursday and ran through Saturday, giving Chargers fans a chance not only to play games and enjoy live music, but to also meet and talk with current players and Chargers legends like Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

The sunny Southern California weather was on full display on Friday and Saturday as the middle of February felt like a warm summer day as fans stretched across the Promenade to enjoy the sights and sounds of the event. Fans could be seen testing their football skills as they tried to throw a football through a net and playing football online in the gaming van as well.

Noah, who has been a season ticket member since 2018 talked about what it was like to be at the event and what it means to see all the excitement the Super Bowl has brought to Los Angeles.

"To me as a Los Angeles native it's crucial. I'm a season ticket holder, glad the Chargers are back in LA, it's really cool. I think it was a great decision for the fan base, you know, obviously you can see the turnout."

As fans walked the busy street, you could hear the powerful sound of the Chargers drumline as they weaved in and out of the crowds in Santa Monica. Later in the day, people gathered to watch a live Mariachi band perform in the middle of the Promenade. Chargers in-game host Louie G was also in attendance to hype up the Los Angeles crowd and give away tickets to the Super Bowl Experience at the LA Convention Center.

Petter, another Chargers fan who was enjoying the event with his family, talked about the atmosphere on Friday.

"I think it's a lot of great fun, great for families and kids to come out. Great little fun set up before the Super Bowl to get everybody ready for the big game…the team store was great, got a couple funny pictures, the DJ is great, just a lot of fun."

Jen Mills, a member of the "Die Hard Bolt Club" and named the 2021 Chargers Fan of the Year, talked about what she was most looking forward to after she finished dinner at a restaurant filled with people decked out in Chargers gear.

"I believe tonight is the [Chargers cornerback] Michael Davis meet and greet, I have my football and my helmet and I'm ready to meet him and just get a picture with him and just talk with him and see how he's felt about the whole season."

As the sun set on Friday in Santa Monica, Chargers cornerback Michael Davis made his way around the Promenade talking with fans, signing autographs and taking pictures with members of the Bolt family.

Davis talked about how the event offered a new type of experience for fans to meet and talk with players.

"It really is a little more intimate," Davis said. "Because usually when we are on the field we are not able to interact with the fans, because we are kind of separated…Now it's more on a personal level, I can actually go up to them and shake their hands, maybe even hug them a little bit and just hang out and talk to them one-on-one."

On Saturday, even more fans and Chargers players past and present were at the Promenade. Chargers legend and fan favorite LaDainian Tomlinson was in attendance on Saturday to meet with the Chargers faithful and explained how humbeled he was to see the fans that came to show their support from across the world including one fan from Brazil.

"This is incredible," Tomlinson said. "You know the turn out here in santa monica," Tomlinson said. "Anytime you get a chance to see the Charger fans they are always in full force, they're always loud and we really appreciate their support. The fans are the reason why we do it, we work so hard, why we lift all those weights as they say and even why we play the game. They motivate us to go over and beyond even some of our wildest imaginations, so all the support to our beautiful fans."

From Chargers legend to Chargers rookies there was a variety of players for fans to meet and hang out with. Chargers Pro Bowl left tackle Rashawn Slater got up on the DJ stage to toss footballs out in the crowd and take photos with fans. Slater talked about the event and what it means for the city of LA to be hosting a Super Bowl for the first time in almost 30 years.

"I think it's amazing, for LA to be able to host a Super Bowl and you know there's so much football love in the air right now it feels amazing. It's really exciting, it gets me excited for next season to play in front of these fans and give it all we got."

Chargers OLB Uchenna Nwosu who was born and raised in Los Angeles and played college football down the street at USC was in attendance as well. Nwosu talked about what the experience meant for him.

"Having fans come out and meeting us is cool. You know, having these guys be in the area and supporting us throughout the city of Los Angeles where it's such a huge city, with so much to do, it's great."

Along with food, drinks, games and shops, members of the media were in attendance as well. Chargers radio play-by-play announcer Matt "Money" Smith was hosting the Petros and Money show live from 3rd street. Smith talked about the importance of hosting an event like this ahead of the Super Bowl.

"Well look it's great, because you've got the best uniforms in the NFL, you've got the best logos in the NFL, you have the best quarterback I think in the NFL so you want show that off and remind people that look, only two teams can play in the Super Bowl every year, but there's 30 other teams of which each have a huge fan base that are excited about it."

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