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A Conversation With: CB Asante Samuel, Jr.


Believe it or not, Asante Samuel, Jr. is already entering Year 4 in the NFL. recently caught up with the Bolts cornerback to get his thoughts on the Chargers new coaching staff and expectations for the 2024 season.

Here's our 1-on-1 conversation with Samuel:

How was your offseason? Did you get some down time before spring practices?

"It was good. Actually went by kind of fast, but I was just excited to get back with the new coaching staff and the new players we've got. Just get the ball rolling."

Was there something specific you focused on with your offseason training?

"This year, mostly calisthenics. Just getting stronger and faster, the basic things. And working on my technique."

You mentioned the new coaching staff, what was your first impression of them?

"They're great people. Great people on the field and great people off the field. They're great coaches and I'm excited to work with them this season."

What has it been like with Coach Harbaugh?

"He's kind of funny. Just down to Earth, loves ball. I came in the building when he was hired to meet him. Just his name, you know? His name rings the bell."

How about Chargers Defensive Coordinator Jesse Minter? What do you like about his scheme?

"He's a great coach. The scheme is good so far because he plays to everybody's strengths."

What about that scheme fits your game?

"It's more vision on the quarterback and reading the quarterback."


Is it hard to believe you're already going into Year 4?

"It is! [laughs] It's crazy looking at some of the rookies come in. I'm on Year 4 and they just got here. It goes by fast."

Steve Clinkscale is your new position coach. What has he brought to the room?

"I didn't know him before but he's a high-energy guy. And funny. Loves ball and is passionate about it so that's all you can ask for."

What was the mood and vibe of the team during spring practices?

"Everybody just came to work every day. We didn't have a good season at all last year so we still have that bad taste in our mouth. We just tried to get better and take it one day at a time and maximize each day."


One of your new teammates is Kristian Fulton, did you know him prior to his arrival?

"I knew of him from college and had seen him play before since he was another DB in the NFL. But he's a cool guy. Hard worker, great player. I'm excited to work with him."

How different has it been with so many new faces on the roster?

"It is different. I was used to going against Mike [Williams] and Keenan [Allen] every day. They definitely helped me in their time they were here and I appreciate them for that. You never know in the NFL."

Do you look at yourself as the leader of the cornerback group? Or is it more by committee?

"I feel like we all lead in our own way. I'm not a very vocal leader but I try to lead with my play and how I work and how I go about my business. I don't consider myself the main leader, but if you want to follow me, that's fine. And if you ask me something, I'll answer it."

We're still a few months away from the season, but do you feel like the team — and the defense — are a little underrated right now?

"Yeah, but I think that's fair to say because we didn't do anything last year. And that's all you can go off of. We have to earn that recognition."

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