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Jersey Numbers & More Approved 2021 NFL Rule Changes & Bylaws

NFL Clubs approved the following rules and bylaws for the 2021 season:

Approved 2021 Playing Rules Summary

1) By Competition Committee; to amend Rule 16: Overtime in the preseason has been eliminated.

2) By Competition Committee; to amend Rule 6, Section 1, Article 3: A maximum of nine players will be established in the "setup zone" for receiving teams on an onside kick. The setup zone is defined as the area between 10 and 25 yards from the spot of the kickoff. This will be tried during the 2021 season.

4) By Competition Committee, Coaches Subcommittee, and Baltimore; to amend Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9, and Rule 19, Section 2: Permits the Replay Official and designated members of the Officiating department to provide certain objective information to the on-field officials.

5) By Chicago; to amend Rule 11, Section 3, Article 3: Ensures the enforcement of all accepted penalties committed by either team during successive Try attempts.

6) By Los Angeles Rams; to amend Rule 8, Section 1, Article 2: A loss of down will be added for a second forward pass from behind the line and for a pass thrown after the ball returns behind the line.

7) By Kansas City Chiefs; to amend Rule 5, Section 1, Article 2: Jersey number options have been expanded for certain positions. Per ESPN's Kevin Seifert, if a player wants to change his number for the 2021 season, he will have to buy out the existing inventory of all unsold jerseys in his original number.

Approved 2021 Bylaws Summary

2) By Competition Committee; to amend Article XII, Section 12.4 of the Constitution and Bylaws to require clubs to submit tryouts and visits to the League office throughout the entire year; however, such transactions will only be reported to clubs from the start of training camp through the conclusion of the Super Bowl, unless it is with a Restricted or Unrestricted Free Agent.

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