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Impact Areas

The Los Angeles Chargers Impact Fund, a 501(c)3 public charity, focuses on two main impact areas – Youth Empowerment and Community Advancement – to achieve its mission of creating opportunity in under-resourced neighborhoods so today's dreams can become tomorrow's reality.


Youth Empowerment Thumbnail Site Image
We empower the next generation to achieve their dreams through education, mentorship, and sports-based youth development.

⚡️ Bolt Academy

⚡️ Literacy: Bolts Book Club & Rhymes with Reason


Community Advancement Thumbnail Site Image
We engage fans, players and partners to foster a sense of belonging through safe places to play and access to basic needs.

⚡️ Community Corner

⚡️ Feeding the Future

⚡️ Legacy Fields

⚡️ Chargers Champions

⚡️ Bikes for Kids