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Chargers Impact Fund History | Los Angeles Chargers -

Driven by love of family, gratitude for community and a passion for giving back, Alex and Faye Spanos established the Chargers Impact Fund in 1995 to help people see the best in themselves and achieve their dreams.
Born into a blue-collar family of Greek immigrants, Alex began working in his father's bakery at age eight. The values of hard work and perseverance – paired with a courageous spirit and what would become trademark unwavering honesty – quickly formed the foundation that drove his success in business. As he grew into a titan of industry, eventually realizing his life-long dream of owning a professional football team, Alex remained convinced that his success was due to the support he received from wife Faye, his family and his community.
Alex and Faye's gratitude and optimism served as catalysts for what ultimately became a legacy of decades-long philanthropy. The more they gave back, the richer their lives grew – be it through the experiences they had, personal stories they learned or relationships they nurtured.
Though Alex and Faye passed in 2018, their legacy of giving lives on through the work of the Chargers Impact Fund. Modeled after their belief that a solid family foundation, and the ability to lean on each other, is critical to future success, the Impact Fund brings fans, volunteers, players and donors together to create supportive environments in which the next generation can thrive.

Chargers Impact Fund Board of Directors

A.G. Spanos
Tim Romer
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Sharon Hernandez
John Spanos
Board Member
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Larry English
Board Member
Janice_Brown_high res
Janice Brown
Board Member