I was just sent tickets. How do I accept the ticket transfer?

Recipients of tickets will be required to log into their Chargers Account, or create an account of their own to complete the transfer process. Once the recipient logs in or creates their Chargers Account and completes the transfer process they can now manage their tickets.

Recipients can view the mobile ticket(s) by using the web browser on your phone to log into Chargers Account Manager on They can also use the Chargers app under the Tickets tab to log into Account Manager. Please make sure to log in with the same email address that was used to obtain your tickets.

Once logged into your account, select the event you would like to manage, and then click "View Barcode" to display your ticket which will be scanned for entry into SoFi Stadium. For full instructions on how to access mobile tickets, please click here. Please be advised, if tickets are not accepted by the start of the event they will return to the sender.

You can download the Chargers app on your iPhone here or on your Android here.

What type of phone or mobile device do I need to use mobile tickets?

Any smartphone or mobile device that has internet capabilities and can access the Account Manager can be used to access mobile tickets.

I was just transferred tickets. However, I want to send each person in my group their own ticket. Can a ticket be forwarded more than once?

Yes. Mobile tickets can be transferred more than once. Please note, screenshots will not be permitted for entry. Additionally, as part of our ticket policy, mobile tickets may only be transferred or forwarded electronically through the Chargers Account Manager. Mobile tickets cannot be transferred as a PDF using any other form of delivery and neither PDF printouts nor on-screen PDF tickets will be allowed for entrance into the game.

Pursuant to our ticket policy, the Chargers reserve all rights on the mechanisms or format of ticket delivery or use, including the use of a mobile-only platform. If tickets are not accepted by the start of the event they will return to the sender.

I sent my tickets to the wrong person. Can I cancel a ticket transfer, or can the tickets be sent back to me?

Yes, if the ticket transfer has not been accepted by the recipient than the sender can cancel the transfer through their Chargers account. If the transfer is accepted the recipient can send the tickets back to the sender through their Chargers account. If tickets are not accepted by the start of the event they will return to the sender.

Having trouble accepting and/or accessing my mobile tickets. What do I do?

If you have any trouble with the ticket transfer, please dial 1 877-CHARGERS opt. 2 to speak with a Chargers representative, or visit the Chargers Ticket Windows on gameday. Make sure to bring valid photo ID in order to verify your account.