• 12/31

    Terminated the contract of General Manager A.J. Smith and Head Coach Norv Turner.

  • 12/26

    Placed Aubrayo Franklin (DT) and Brandon Taylor (SS) on Reserve/Injured list. Signed Sean Cattouse (SS) and Greg Gatson (CB). Signed Anthony Miller (TE) and Arthur Hobbs (CB) to practice squad. Jamie McCoy (FB) signed off practice squad by Pittsburgh.

  • 12/19

    Signed Edwin Baker (RB). Signed Jamie McCoy (FB) to practice squad. Vincent Brown returned to practice.

  • 12/18

    Placed Ryan Mathews (RB), Malcom Floyd (WR), and Reggie Wells (OT) on Reserve-Injured list. Signed Mike Willie (WR) and Damik Scafe (DT). Signed Phillip Dillard and Kashif Moore to practice squad.

  • 12/14

    Released Phillip Dillard (LB) from practice squad.

  • 12/14

    Signed Logan Harrell (DT) to practice squad.

  • 12/13

    Signed Phillip Dillard (LB) to practice squad.

  • 12/13

    Released Logan Harrell (DT) from practice squad.

  • 12/12

    Released Kashif Moore (WR) from practice squad. Signed Logan Harrell (DT) to practice squad.

  • 12/12

    Placed Darrell Stuckey (FS) and Vaughn Martin (DE) on Reserve/Injured list. Signed Gary Guyton (LB) and Curtis Brinkley (RB).

  • 12/05

    Placed Antwan Barnes (OLB) on Reserve/Injured list. Signed Reggie Wells (OG)

  • 12/04

    Placed Seyi Ajirotutu (WR) and David Molk (C) on Reserve/Injured list. Signed Steve Schilling (OT) and Colin Baxter (C)

  • 11/28

    Waived Curtis Brinkley (RB), Signed Micheal Spurlock (WR). Placed Brandyn Dombrowski (OG) and Johnnie Troutman (OG) on Reserve/Injured list.

  • 11/27

    Placed Atari Bigby (SS) on Reserve/Injured list, signed Bront Bird (LB). Signed Sean Cattouse (FS) to practice squad.

  • 11/24

    Signed Kevin Haslam (OT) to a 2-year contract.

  • 11/23

    Placed Jared Gaither (OT) on Reserve/Injured list.

  • 11/20

    Released Logan Harrell (DT) from practice squad, signed Kevin Hughes (OT) to practice squad

  • 11/20

    Placed Mike Windt (LS) on Reserve/Injured list, signed Kyle Nelson (LS)

  • 11/14

    Signed Charlie Bryant (OT) to practice squad.

  • 11/13

    Released Tori Gurley (WR) from practice squad.

  • 11/06

    Signed Logan Harrell (DT) to practice squad, released Charlie Bryant (OT) from practice squad. Placed Brandyn Dombrowski (OG) and Johnnie Troutman (OT) on Reserve/Designated to Return list.

  • 10/30

    Released Nate Kaeding (K)

  • 10/29

    Placed Richard Goodman (WR) on Reserve/Injured list, Signed Seyi Ajirotutu (WR), released Logan Harrell (DT) from practice squad, signed Tori Gurley (WR) to practice squad.

  • 10/22

    Signed Danario Alexander (WR), signed Kashif Moore (WR) to practice squad, placed Nate Kaeding (K) on Reserve/Injured list, released Marques Clark (WR) from practice squad

  • 10/03

    Released Michael Spurlock (WR)

  • 10/02

    Signed Chris Carr (CB).

  • 09/29

    Waived Reggie Wells (OT), signed Nick Novak (K)

  • 09/25

    Signed Reggie Wells (OT), waived Greg Gatson (CB) and signed to practice squad.

  • 09/22

    Signed Greg Gatson (CB), released Reggie Wells (OT).

  • 09/20

    Signed Marques Clark (WR) to practice squad. Released Chris Owusu (WR) from practice squad.

  • 09/19

    Signed Greg Gatson (CB) to practice squad.

  • 09/17

    Signed Reggie Wells (OT), waived Greg Gatson (CB)

  • 09/15

    Signed Greg Gatson (CB) from practice squad to active roster. Waived Reggie Wells (OT).

  • 09/11

    Signed Reggie Wells (OT).

  • 09/06

    Injury settlement and waived Sean Cattouse (S).

  • 09/04

    Signed Kevin Haslam (OT) to the practice squad.

  • 09/04

    Placed WR Vincent Brown on the Reserved-Injured list and listed him as the team's "Designated for Return" player, eligible to come back later in the season.

  • 09/02

    Signed Chris Owusu (WR) to practice squad.

  • 09/01

    Signed Edwin Baker (RB), Charlie Bryant (OG-T), Greg Gatson (CB), Logan Harrell (DE), Damik Scafe (DE), and Mike Willie (WR) to the practice squad.

  • 08/31

    Released DE Jacques Cesaire, T Anthony Davis, T Mario Henderson, RB Jacob Hester and K Nick Novak. DB Sean Cattouse placed on IR.

  • 08/31

    Waived RB Edwin Baker, C Colin Baxter, LB Bront Bird, DT Charlie Bryant, LB Ricky Elmore, LB Darryl Gamble, DB Greg Gatson, DE Logan Harrell, DE Arthur Hobbs, QB Jarrett Lee, P Robert Malone, DB DeAndre Presley, DE Damik Scafe, G Steve Schilling, TE Kory Sperry, and WR Mike Willie.

  • 08/27

    Placed Johnnie Troutman (OG) on Reserve Non-Football Injury list. Placed Brandyn Dombrowski (OG) on the Reserve Non-Football Illness list.

  • 08/27

    Waived Roscoe Parrish (WR), Jason Barnes (WR), Phillip Payne (WR), Taylor Embree (WR), Eddie Brown (DT), Nick Guess (LS), Michael Hayes (RB), Brad Taylor (TE), Phil Trautwein (OT). Reached injury settlements with Garrett Brown (DT) and Michael Toudouze (OT).

  • 08/21

    Waived Cordell Bell (OT).

  • 08/11

    Waived Kevin O'Connell (QB).

  • 08/08

    Waived Patrick Doyle (TE) and John Cullen (OT). Signed Anthony Davis (OT) and Michael Toudouze (OT) each to a one-year contract.

  • 07/30

    Signed Kevin O'Connell (QB) to a one-year contract.

  • 07/28

    Kyle Boller (QB) retired.

  • 07/27

    Waived Josh Linam (ILB).

  • 07/27

    Agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Kyle Boller (QB).

  • 07/25

    Waived Paul Cox (WR). Signed Cordell Bell (OT) to a 3-year deal. Released Tra Thomas from Reserved-Retired list.

  • 07/20

    Agreed to terms with Jackie Battle (RB) to a one-year deal. Released Kris Dielman (OG) from Reserve-Retired list. Waived Marah Mohamed (FB)

  • 07/20

    Agreed to terms with Aubrayo Franklin (DT) to a one-year contract.

  • 07/19

    Released Luis Castillo (DT)

  • 06/19

    Signed John Cullen (OT) to a free agent contract. Placed LaDainian Tomlinson (RB) on "Reserve-Retired" list.

  • 06/18

    Waived Taylor Dever (OT). Signed LaDainian Tomlinson (RB)

  • 06/12

    Waived Cordell Bell (OT). Claimed Taylor Dever (OT) off waivers from Dallas.

  • 06/11

    Signed Ronnie Brown (RB) to a free agent contract. Waived Nick Polk (S).

  • 06/05

    Signed Patrick Doyle (TE) to a free agent contract.

  • 05/29

    Signed Corey Lynch (SS), Robert Malone (P), and Phil Trautwein (OT) to free agent contracts.

  • 05/16

    Waived Hubert Anyiam (WR)

  • 05/15

    Waived Charles Burton (OT)

  • 05/15

    Signed SS Brandon Taylor to a four-year contract.

  • 05/15

    Signed CB Arthur Hobbs to a three-year contract and signed DT Garrett Brown to a one-year contract.

  • 05/14

    ... WR Phillip Payne, CB De'Andre Presley, and WR Michael Willie.

  • 05/14

    Signed college free agents WR Hubert Anyiam, WR Jason Barnes, T Cordell Bell, NT Eddie Brown, T Charles Burton, FS Sean Cattouse, WR Paul Cox, WR Taylor Embree, DC Gregory Gatson, LS Nick Guess, DE Logan Harrell, T Michael Harris, RB Michael Hayes, QB Jarrett Lee, ILB Josh Linam, FB Mohamed Marah...

  • 05/11

    Signed OLB Melvin Ingram, DE Kendall Reyes, C David Molk, TE Ladarius Green, RB Edwin Baker and G Johnnie Troutman to four-year contracts.

  • 05/09

    Signed seventh round draft pick David Molk (C)

  • 05/07

    Released OLB Travis LaBoy.

  • 04/30

    Signed G Rex Hadnot to a one-year contract.

  • 04/28

    Drafted TE Ladarius Green in the fourth round, G Johnnie Troutman in the fifth round, C David Molk in the seventh round and RB Edwin Baker in the seventh round.

  • 04/27

    Drafted DE Kendall Reyes in the second round and SS Brandon Taylor in the third round.

  • 04/26

    Drafted OLB Melvin Ingram in the first round at No. 18 overall.

  • 04/17

    Signed Jacob Hester (FB) to a contract.

  • 04/13

    Signed LS Mike Windt, G-T Brandyn Dombrowski and T Mario Henderson to one-year contracts.

  • 04/11

    Signed WR/KR Roscoe Parrish to a one-year contract.

  • 04/05

    Signed DE Luis Castillo and WR Micheal Spurlock to one-year contracts.

  • 03/30

    Signed DT Antonio Garay to a two-year contract.

  • 03/28

    Signed Richard Goodman (WR).

  • 03/26

    Signed TE Randy McMichael to a two-year contract.

  • 03/22

    Released S DeAndre McDaniel.

  • 03/20

    Signed Atari Bigby (S), Charlie Whitehurst (QB) to two-year contracts. Signed Dante Rosario (TE)

  • 03/19

    Signed TE Dante Rosario to a one-year contract.

  • 03/17

    Signed Jarret Johnson (LB) and Le'Ron McClain (FB). Waived Billy Volek (TE).

  • 03/16

    Signed Eddie Royal (WR) to a three-year contract. Signed Jared Gaither (OT)

  • 03/15

    Signed C Nick Hardwick to a three-year contract and signed WR Robert Meachem to a four-year contract.

  • 03/14

    Signed T Jared Gaither (four years), TE Kory Sperry (one year), LB Jarret Johnson (four years) and FB Le'Ron McClain (three years).

  • 03/13

    Tendered contract offers to exclusive rights free agents LS Mike Windt and WR Richard Goodman. Tendered a contract offer to restricted free agent Brandyn Dombrowski.

  • 03/13

    Released T Marcus McNeill and CB Dante Hughes. Waived OLB Everette Brown, ILB Nate Triplett and WR Bryan Walters.

  • 03/08

    Signed ILB Demorrio Williams to a one-year contract.

  • 03/05

    Released DE Luis Castillo.

  • 03/01

    Annnounced retirement of LG Kris Dielman.

  • 02/04

    Announced Joe Barry as linebackers coach.

  • 01/31

    Signed DE/LB Ricky Elmore to a Reserve/Future contract.

  • 01/24

    Announced special teams coach Rich Bisaccia as the new assistant head coach.

  • 01/24

    Announced Ron Meeks as secondary coach.

  • 01/17

    Announced offensive line coach Hal Hunter as the new offensive coordinator. Announced Steve Fairchild as senior offensive assistant/special assignments. Announced secondary coach Steve Wilks will not return in 2012.

  • 01/12

    Signed S DeAndre McDaniel to a Reserve/Future contract.

  • 01/10

    Announced offensive coordinator Clarence Shelmon will not return in 2012.

  • 01/05

    Terminated the contract of defensive coordinator Greg Manusky and announced John Pagano as the new defensive coordinator.