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Chargers Uniform History 1985-1999



Home jersey is changed to Navy blue with gold numbers on front, back, and the sleeves are outlined in Navy blue and white. There was a white stripe on each shoulder that had a gold lightning bolt outlined in Navy blue. Road jersey is white with Navy blue on front, back, and sleeves are outlined in white and gold, and a Navy blue stripe on each shoulder with a gold lighting blot outlined in navy blue and white. Stripe on pant is changed to Navy blue. Lighting bolt on pants is gold with Navy blue and white outline.


Number on front, back and sleeves of home jersey are changed to white with a Navy blue and gold outline.



Lightning bolt on helmet is changed from gold to white and features navy blue and gold outline. The face mask on the helmet is changed from gold to navy blue. White stripe on navy blue home jerseys is removed, leaving a white lightning bolt outlined in navy and gold.The lightning bolt on the shoulders of road jersey is changed to white with navy blue and gold outline and remains on navy blue stripe. Lightning bolt on pants is removed and replaced with a navy stripe outlined in white and gold.


Road pants are changed to navy blue with white stripe down each leg and are outlined in navy blue and gold.


The pants are back to having lightning bolts down the leg instead of stripes. They are white lightning bolts with gold and navy outlines.

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