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Which Position Group Has Grown the Most this Offseason?

After nearly two months of grinding away at Chargers Park, three more OTA practices and a mandatory minicamp are all that remain in the team's offseason program.  They will then go their separate ways before returning for training camp in late July.

Head Coach Mike McCoy has been impressed by his team's performance since they reconvened in mid-April, pointing out how the competition level across the board has been top notch.

Still, when asked, he revealed that one position group has shown the most growth this offseason.

"The defensive backs," he said.  "You see the passion and energy they are playing with, the way they are playing for one another and the excitement."

Monday's OTA practice was another in which the defensive backs recorded numerous INTs, highlighted by Craig Mager's nearly 100-yard pick six.  Corralling interceptions has been a point of emphasis heading into 2016, so it's been an encouraging sign to see the secondary pick off a number of passes.

Equally impressive has been the way the group has rallied around one another, evidenced in the way the entire team chased after Mager to revel in his big interception. In fact, Defensive Backs Coach Ron Milus said he's encouraged his unit to become more like the Golden State Warriors in how they feed off each other.

"We all have to get excited when our players make a play," he said.  "When you make a play, that's like we all made that play. We made the analogy to being like the Golden State Warriors.  When one of the Warriors makes a three pointer, it seems like every player on that floor thinks they can make a three pointer. So if we make an interception, everybody thinks they can make an interception.  So if we build up that type of spirit that the Warriors have, where if they hit a three, there is about to be about six more of them and you don't know where they are coming from.  If we can get that with our guys making a pick, everybody should be excited about it.  They come in bunches."

They came in bunches on Monday when Mager, Adrian McDonald, Adrian Phillips and other defensive backs recorded INTs.  Last week, Jason Verrett, Larry Scott and Richard Crawford combined for four picks during Tuesday's open practice as well.    

True to form, the entire secondary celebrated those change of possessions as well.  Not only that, their enthusiasm rubbed off on the linebackers and defensive linemen who also joined in on the fun. Likewise, the entire offense has celebrated big touchdowns and conversions as well.

"It's been great the way the defense has been doing that all offseason this year," McCoy said.  "That's something we wanted to emphasize to the players; to get back to having fun and working your tails off every day.  Compete, and be happy for one another's success.  When someone scores a touchdown on offense, you see the linemen go in the end zone and celebrate with those guys.  Or there's a big play on defense, guys are running on the field celebrating and doing things.  They work extremely hard; lets enjoy our time out here together."

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