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Which Charger is a Yogi?

We've all heard the adage of football players dipping their toes in ballet classes for added agility and grace on the field, but there's a new workout keeping players centered: yoga.

As for yoga enthusiasts on the Chargers?  Look no further than Corey Liuget.

"I've been doing yoga for about the last two and a half years," he said.  "Guys always told me the importance of stretching and I'm finally understanding that.  Yoga is one of the key activities that can help me with stretching and meditation."

The 6-2, 300-pound defensive tackle tried hot yoga but deemed it too "intense" and prefers the regular room-temperature version.  Throughout his two-plus years of practicing, Liuget said he's learned a lot about himself and his body as a player.

"It's shown how unbalanced I actually am and how uncoordinated I am and how I need to build and work on some things."

Liuget's favorite pose is Child's Pose and says it's his go-to any time he needs a break.  In addition, he doesn't just recommend yoga to his fellow teammates, he believes it can benefit anyone.

As for his progress, number 94 feels he's steadily improved since adding yoga to his regular workout regimen.  Ever the competitor, Liuget said taking classes with people more advanced and experienced at the practice drives him to get better.

"I feel I have improved, but I know I can always get better at things.  Obviously there are some people in there that they're just killing it and look so comfortable!  At times, I'm just a little tensed up so I have to learn to relax."

Though the classes are full of grueling poses, the last part of class is Liuget's favorite.  Why?  It's his time to reflect and relax.

"(I like) the end pose (Shavasana) when you just get to lay down and have that moment with no thoughts or anything.  You just (release) and let your body sink into the ground."

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