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What We Learned from Coach Lynn's Phase II Presser

When the players were on the field for the first two weeks of the offseason program, one notable Charger was missing: Head Coach Anthony Lynn.

Strength and conditioning coaches are the only members of a staff allowed to join players on the field during Phase I.  But with the arrival of Phase II on Tuesday, Lynn and his entire staff were able to get a first-hand look at the 2017 Chargers.

"It was good," Lynn said.  "We've been doing everything in the classroom, and the preparation is everything in the classroom.  It was good to be on the field, in the sunlight and watch the guys run around and actually coach a little bit."

Though these workouts are still considered voluntary, Lynn mentioned the experience the players gain on the field is invaluable. In his first time on the field, he saw firsthand the conditioning level of his team.

"Number one, they're getting in great shape.  (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach) John Lott has been doing a hell of a job with these guys of setting that base for training camp.  (You also build) team chemistry; working and doing it together.  They're gaining a lot more than they know."

While Lynn has primarily been a position coach, this is really the first time he's held the reins of the team in his hands.  Although it was hard to not solely focus on the running backs, Lynn said he came into the day knowing he had to devote the same amount of attention to all positions.

"I kind of thought that through before I came out on the field, so I made sure that I was going to watch the big picture (and) look at everybody.  (I plan to) spend the same amount of time on defense as the offense and I'm sure that'll become more natural as we go…. It's been nonstop for sure.  Every day is a new day and there's different challenges that come across my desk, but I'm surrounded by good people.  I have a lot of resources in this building who have helped me along the way and it's not just on me. It's on all of us."

Much has been made about the Bolts' move to Los Angeles and how it will affect the team moving forward through the offseason.  When asked on who he's leaning on for guidance, Lynn said he's not relying on outside sources, only those within the Chargers confines.

"They've done all that legwork and groundwork.  I'm sure they've talked to the Rams and other teams that moved.  They're making this transition as smooth as possible.  I've got all the resources I need in this building."

Though the team is still building camaraderie and has almost three full weeks of Phase II to go, Lynn said what matters most now is how his players will put his message into action.  However, after Tuesday, he's pretty thrilled as to how they've already responded.

"We set the expectations and standards, and they already know when they come out here how they're going to function. How they're going to operate and how they're going to do business.  They've responded excellently.  I've been very proud of this group, how they're working and how they're working together.  And the time that they spend with one another when they're not on the field; I'm very proud of it."

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