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What the Titans Said After Losing to the Bolts

Notable comments from the Tennessee Titans after falling 43-35 to the Chargers:

On Melvin Gordon….

* "He is a very good runner. Tackling was not very good, especially on the last third and seven where we needed that stop to have a chance. I'll have to watch the tape again. There are a lot of gaps. We have some blitzes on where there shouldn't be any running space (and) there shouldn't be any gaps. So, I'm going to say without looking at it that gap control was not very good" – HC Mike Mularkey*

* *

"He is definitely the best running back we have faced so far this year. He is going to be a great running back in his years to come.  He got a lot of training this summer. He is a great guy and like I said, credit to their offensive line and their running back. They won the game, they beat us, period." – S Kevin Byard

"(He) continues to move the chains. We had him multiple times, but we had him tackled and he was able to break out of it easily. He's a good back for a reason and we've just got to make our plays." – LB Wesley Woodyard

On Penalties Forced by Antonio Gates….

"I thought that they were very poorly officiated.  They throw to Gates clearly.  I've seen it over and over at our guys, especially on Delanie (Walker), overcalled. To throw a guy down, he's not going to get that wide open, but really poorly officiated.  It comes to those points.  That didn't lose the game, but they needed to be held accountable like we are." – HC Mike Mularkey

On Chargers Forcing Turnovers….

"They made a couple great plays. The one early, I really thought Delanie (Walker) was going to pop wide open but the corner fell off and made a play. Obviously, I can't fumble. That's going to put us in bad situations. On the final interception, I probably should have just moved on in my read. Kendall (Wright) did a good job winning, if I would have laid the ball out there a little more to the outside, it's a completion." – QB Marcus Mariota

"On the first one, a corner made a very good play. Very good play. On the second one, he's got to put the ball away. There's no question about it. All you can do is practice it. You can keep talking about it. Unfortunately you have to have some bad experience like we've had this year. At some points it's got to be automatic. The last turnover Kendall (Wright's) got to run a better route, because that route should never be undercut like that. So I put that on Kendall." – HC Mike Mularkey

"It is hard to win on the road when you turn over the ball. It's not on Marcus (Mariota). When you turn the ball over, it's usually a team effort offensively. We didn't play well together offensively (and) defensively. Special teams played well, but offensively and defensively, we didn't get our jobs done today." – RB Demarco Murray

On Chargers Offense….

"They came right out, scored on their first three possessions, (and) ran the ball very effectively. Every time we thought we had a chance to come back and get back into the game, they came right back, too. That's a credit to those guys, no question." – HC Mike Mularkey

"At the beginning of the game, we couldn't get off the field. That's the key to any game. If you can't get off the field on third-and-10, we pretty much gave them the run. We missed a few tackles that opened up a few run gaps and allowed them to get over 100 yards." – LB Wesley Woodyard

"We knew it was going to be a battle coming into the game. We know they score a lot of points. Offensively, we just have to do a better job at keeping our defense off the field. We fell short and this was one of the games that we knew was going to be a game where whoever had the ball the last two or three minutes was going to win and that is how it went." – WR Rishard Matthews

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