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What the Redskins Said After Losing to the Bolts

Notable comments from the Washington Redskins after the Chargers' 30-13 victory:

On the loss…

*"We had some issues and they exploited us.  Philip (Rivers) is one of the best quarterbacks to play the game and he found some seams in Keenan Allen and (Tyrell) Williams, and they did a nice job down the field.  Hunter Henry had some nice catches, so I don't know.  We'll have to look at the tape and figure out how to correct the team to make sure it doesn't happen again." – Head Coach Jay Gruden    *

"The difference from earlier in the year is probably who is on the roster and the experience factor there.  But I still like to think that we could have played better regardless, and it is a disappointing effort." – QB Kirk Cousins

On Kyle Emanuel's interception…

"(Trevor Williams) fell off and I was wanting him to carry with Niles Paul's route.  He fell off and then the ball bounced into the guy who ended up intercepting (Kyle Emanuel)….  In hindsight, I probably did not have a good enough feel for the play." – QB Kirk Cousins

On how the Chargers defense gave him fits…

"At first glance, when you don't convert third downs consistently, it is hard to score points.  Secondly, which goes along with not converting third downs, when you don't have explosive plays, big games, 20-plus yard gains. Then, you are forced to constantly convert third downs and eventually your luck is going to run out. You are not going to hit one. It is hard to hit eight or nine in a row down the field. We didn't have explosive plays, the third-down conversions, and a turnover that lead to third points. All those things happen." – QB Kirk Cousins

On Chargers' performance in the first quarter…

"They were moving the ball well.  They were running the ball, throwing the ball…and did a great job.  Hats off to Philip Rivers and the coaching staff over there in Los Angeles." – Head Coach Jay Gruden

On back-to-back blowouts…

"It's surprising number one, disappointing number two and something we have to figure out how to fix the last three weeks without a doubt. I'm at a loss for words quite honestly. I never thought we'd get beat like this two weeks in a row, one week at all. I have to have time to think about it and figure out what our next step is. The staff and players, who's going to play and we'll get them ready for Arizona." – Head Coach Jay Gruden

"I did not feel like we came to play. In the first half we started off slow and never really got it going. There are some things you can't do with a team like [the Chargers]. [Chargers QB] Phillip Rivers, he is a great quarterback. He puts his guys in the right position to make plays and you can't have mistakes with him." – CB Bashaud Breeland

The Chargers face the Washington Redskins for a home game matchup.

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