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What the Raiders Said After Losing to the Bolts

Notable comments from the Oakland Raiders after the Chargers' 17-16 victory.

On Hunter Henry's performance…

"They ran exactly the plays that we know they run. Including the tight end. Literally calling out the play on that. Guys that are responsible for that have to make the play. It's unfortunate that we let the back get out a little bit (and) that we let the tight end get out a little bit. In most cases it was stuff we prepared for and repped." – Head Coach Jack Del Rio

On not being able to stop the Chargers offense on their final drive…

"It's always frustrating when things don't go your way. I think that in that drive, we hurt ourselves. It wasn't anything they did in particular; we just didn't play sound football though we've played sound football the whole game. I think that was the determining factor. Us just not playing sound football in that last drive." – CB TJ Carrie

"I'm going to be hard on myself. I'm always hard on myself. Those plays are crucial for us. There were two plays on that last drive that were crucial. I feel like I should have made those plays and I didn't. You can't dwell on it too long. We have the [Kansas City] Chiefs coming in on Thursday so you need to move on." – S Karl Joseph

"It's definitely frustrating but all we can do is take what we learn from the past and try to get better and move forward. We have a game this Thursday." – CB Dexter McDonald

On Melvin Gordon…

"He's a good running back but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. They just got the best of us." – CB David Amerson

On Philip Rivers…

"We gave him a lot of different looks; looks that he hadn't seen before. Any good quarterback like Rivers is going to find out what we're doing on defense and come back with an attack that will be somewhat successful for them. That's what he ended up doing. On that last drove, (their) players (were) making their plays and we didn't make our plays in that drive." – CB TJ Carrie

On Derek Carr's two interceptions…

"Details. That's a frustrating thing. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm really frustrated. We work too hard for that kind of stuff to happen. That's an easy catch.  That's an easy play if I do the right thing (and) if our players do the right thing. What I'm trying to say is that it should be an easy play. And it was a turnover. That should never happen. We gave them two gifts. Obviously, the second time they didn't really do anything with it, but that's always fortunate when you get a turnover. We were fortunate, but at the same time - the problem is the details. It's myself and the whole offense included. We need to lock into every little detail, that's the problem. There's nothing else. Our guys work their tail off. When I get there, guys are there and they're working. We're working hard, but we have to lock in on the details." – QB Derek Carr

On Derek Carr's return…

"I thought he did OK. It's good to have him back, I know that. He (missed) a couple of things, but I thought for the most part he was fairly sharp. It was a lack of communication on the first (interception). Then we had two interceptions, which is unusual. We had a communication error on the first one and the second was kind of a funky tipped ball. I felt good having him there, I know that." – Head Coach Jack Del Rio

On Oakland's offensive struggles…

"Yeah, like I said, I'm frustrated. And not in a bad way. I'm not changing anything I do. I know how to work, I know how to study, I know how to play this game. Everyone has talent, it just comes down to everyone locking in every detail of this offense. That's all it really comes down to. I'm not going to elaborate on what that is, but that's the problem. That's why it's frustrating. That's why it's kind of like we're better than that. But obviously we're not because that's not what we're putting out there." – QB Derek Carr

"If I could pinpoint (why) we would have won that game out there today. We going to get it fixed. You know it's just frustrating you're that close and we didn't pull it out. Last year we pulled out a lot of close games, and this year it ain't going for us. One thing about this locker room is we are fighters. We are going to keep fighting it's just tough. We went in there with a good game plan, had stuff going and just fell short. The toughest ones are the ones we fall when it's that close. We got to deal with it, we are going to man up and we are going to get this stuff ready next week. Kansas City is a good team coming in. That's a great team to go against to get a good feeling back in our system." – LT Donald Penn

On failing to convert the 4th-and-2…

"Yeah, opportunity to possess and win. Didn't want to give up those 20-yards or net 20. Gave us an opportunity. We came up short. Anytime they don't work, then I tend (to) talk about them up here. When they do, we don't talk about them as much. I understand that." – Head Coach Jack Del Rio

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