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What the Giants Said After Losing to the Chargers

Notable comments from the New York Giants after falling to the Chargers, 27-22.

On not being able to hold a lead late in the game…

"To tell you the truth, very frustrating. All we can do is go back and look at the film, tell you what's going on. Appreciate every guy that played their heart out, but it just wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to win us the football game and all we can do is go back and see what's going on. That's all we can do." – DE Jason Pierre-Paul

On the fumble Melvin Ingram forced and recovered…

"I think he may have had a twist on that side and the ball came free. Hats off to them. They made some good plays when they needed to and we didn't. When it comes down to crunch time, they made plays, we didn't." – G Justin Pugh

On if Chargers made adjustments down the stretch…

"As the game goes on, teams start to get a feel for each other. They made some adjustments as well as us not executing to the best of our ability." – S Darian Thompson

On four receivers going out in game…

"Yeah, I mean, it significantly altered the game. We had one receiver left at the end of the ball game. The guys fought hard, the tight ends stepped up and went out and worked to execute the two-man offense. They don't get a lot of reps with what they're being asked to do, but they went out, they played fast and played hard." – Head Coach Ben McAdoo

"It's a tough situation when you lose four receivers in a game. I thought we did the best we could do. We had a scoring drive with a couple of them out. Without them, we had two receivers left. Evan Engram has played in the slot. So, we had to simplify the game plan a little bit when you can do. But then there at the end having three tight ends, one receiver on a two-minute drive, we were able to get a first down and do a couple things, but you know, it's not the ideal situation." – QB Eli Manning

"You never want to see anyone get carted off. With it being Odell getting hurt, all of our receivers, we're praying that everything is okay with those guys and they can get back with us as soon as possible." – S Darian Thompson

"It's definitely tough to play when one of our best players goes down. All of our guys were going down, Sterling, B Marsh. To see all the guys go down, it's very hard."– S Landon Collins

On loss of Odell Beckham Jr….

"Obviously you never want to see any receiver go down, and it looked like he was in some pain. So, I just told him I'd be thinking about him and, obviously we don't know the severity of it, but hopefully he'll be okay." – QB Eli Manning

"But with 'O' going down, it hurt me. 'O' is like a big brother to me and with 'B' [Brandon Marshall] going down, that's like a big brother to me. So, I just wanted to be able to make a play to change the game, and we fell short." – WR Roger Lewis Jr.

On where Giants go from here…

"Back to the film room. Back to the film room and see what we did wrong. They outplayed us and they won the game." – DE Jason Pierre-Paul

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