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What the Falcons Said After Losing to the Bolts

On the fourth down play in overtime:

"Honestly, we had real belief we were going to make it and keep the drive going and keep extending it. Just a gut feeling that I went with. It didn't work. We can second guess it; that's easy to do, but it was more of a mindset. I have such belief in the guys to go get aggressive and get that half-a-yard that we needed so when we didn't, that was a costly mistake." – HC Dan Quinn

"As players, it's our responsibility to make him right and to go out there and make the plays, and we had two chances on third-and-short and then fourth-and-short and we didn't get it done. From a player's perspective, that's the point that's very disappointing." – QB Matt Ryan

"(Denzel Perryman) made a good play.  They made a good call. They knifed it really well, kudos to them." – C Alex Mack

On Perryman's Interception

"[It is] Disappointing in that situation, but a good play by them on the defensive side. Their linebacker peeled off the inside route and went outside, and I saw it too late. That's something I've got to do better at. I think I could probably let that ball go a little bit earlier with a little bit better anticipation, if not then check the ball down." – QB Matt Ryan

On their defensive breakdowns

"We're going to give credit to San Diego. We certainly had some technique errors as far as some of the scheme goes. We intend on getting that fixed, but like I said I'll give them credit too. The big play ones are the ones that you don't have to allow, the explosive plays where there might be a [busted] coverage. We've got no issues at all when a guy makes a really good play and a really good catch. That's [foot]ball as we know it. It's the ones where maybe we didn't play it exactly like we want. Those are the scars that you don't want to have." – HC Dan Quinn

On their offense slowing down in the second half

"I don't think we were conservative by any stretch of the imagination, I just don't think we executed very well. We had some opportunities to make some plays. I need to do a better job of giving our guys an opportunity to make plays off the ball and those are the things you can try to improve at and control moving forward. But I thought the plan was solid, I thought we stayed aggressive, we just didn't play well." – QB Matt Ryan

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