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What the Buccaneers are Saying About the Bolts

On Melvin Gordon….

*"Right now, that guy's playing really good football. His power, his ability to break tackles, to squeeze through cracks in the line and finish, we're going to have our hands full getting him down." – HC Dirk Koetter *

"It's great to see him be successful because he had so much success in college.  Obviously, people want to keep that (success) rolling over into the NFL, it just took him a year to get going.  But look at him! When he gets it rolling, he's hard to slow down."– DT Gerald McCoy

On Philip Rivers….

"He's a hell of player. A tremendous talent, unbelievable anticipation, a coach on the field, tough, underrated as a pocket movement guy. He's one of the best players in this league, year-in, year-out. He doesn't maybe get as much credit as some guys that are a little bit more publicized, but ask anybody that plays or coaches and he's one of the best." – HC Dirk Koetter

"Alabama, baby! You grow up and hear about Philip Rivers – and he went to N.C. State, so I'm going to get that a lot from 'Glizzy' (Quarterback Mike Glennon) this week – but just a great gunslinger. Been one of the greats in this game for a very long time, I definitely look up to him. I can't wait to talk to him before the game so I can hear a little bit of that country twang because I know San Diego hasn't took it from him yet [laughing], so I'm looking forward to that." – QB Jameis Winston

"Philip Rivers is a future Hall of Famer, so a good pass rush, it's not like he hasn't seen it before. So, were just going to have to do our part. Back end, we know they're going to do their part. We're just trying to make sure we put as much pressure on them as possible." – DT Gerald McCoy

On Casey Hayward….

"We've gone up against Casey when he was in Green Bay and I always had a lot of respect for him.  The thing that jumps out about him is just how much they're ball-hawking balls in the air.  He's tied for the lead in interceptions and sometimes matching other teams' (top) receivers." – HC Dirk Koetter

On Antonio Gates….

*"He's going to be a Hall of Fame player, there's no doubt about it. He's two touchdown catches away from setting the all-time record (for a tight end). We certainly hope that he doesn't do it this week. It's going to happen at some point in time. The tight end position has really changed in the NFL, I've said this many times. It's like playing chess and that tight end position is like the Queen. He can move in every direction, you can put him in different spots and it's difficult to come up with plans sometimes to eliminate the tight end. I think we've done a better job, we've had tighter coverage on the tight end. We've put different people on them and I think that you have to change it up, but it's very difficult because they're going to hide them the way that they put their formations together." – DC Mike Smith *

"Well he's scored 109 touchdowns in his career, so he presents a lot of touchdown issues. Size matchup, veteran, (he) and Rivers have great chemistry." – HC Dirk Koetter

On Chargers rookies….

*"You can see he why (Joey Bosa) was picked where he was. Same thing with (Jatavis Brown). We did a lot of work on him as well. That's a guy that we really liked. We liked both those guys in the draft, but the way it worked out, the Chargers got him and we're real happy with the way our young guys are playing also." – HC Dirk Koetter *

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